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BodyShop Office

BodyShop Office is the latest software release from BodyShop Solutions. BodyShop Office is body shop management system designed for smaller body shops that can't afford spending thousands of dollars up front and then high annual fees. But don't think that just because it was designed for smaller shops BodyShop Office is a light weight product. Check out BodyShop Office's features and see for yourself. Download Now. Learn More.


Supplement Helper

Supplement Helper is a software product from BodyShop Solutions that assists shop managers in producing easy to read and understand supplement reports during those instances where your working off an insurance estimate. Instead of rewriting the entire estimate with your own estimating system, use Supplement Helper to quickly produce a detailed, yet easy-to-read printed supplement report. Using Supplement Helper will make supplements easy to write and easy for insurance appraisers to understand. Download Now. Learn More.


Tow Bill Helper

Tow Bill Helper is a simple tool to help shops that don't do their own towing make a profit on the money they lay out to pay for sublet tows. Many insurance companies insist on seeing the original tow bill and refuse to pay a mark up on what you paid out. Tow Bill Helper allows you to print a towing invoice that includes your mark up, thus satisfying the insurance company and allowing you to make a profit at the same time. Download Now. Learn More.


Dollars $ Sense

Dollars $ Sense is designed for use with your estimating software to give you control over how your estimates are printed. With Dollars $ Sense you'll be able print your estimates with dollar amounts only. Line-by-line, item-by-item, you'll be breaking your your estimate down into a menu of operations and their cost. Download Now. Learn More.


Reynolds Converter

Reynolds Converter is a little tool that pulls customer and vehicle data out of your Reynolds & Reynolds computer database and inserts it into your CCC Pathways customer database so you don't have to retype everything when writing an estimate. Download Now. Learn More.