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Reynolds Converter

If you work at a dealership that uses Reynolds and Reynolds  ERALink you are, no doubt, frustrated that you can't import customer and vehicle information into your estimating system. You have to type everything, and if the customer is new to the dealership, you have to type it all twice. 

Those days are now over. I finally got fed up wasting time retyping information and wrote this software. Reynolds Converter allows you to download administrative information from your Reynolds and Reynolds server right into your estimating system. With just a few mouse clicks you'll be writing your estimate instead of filling in the customer's name, address, VIN etc...

Reynolds Converter only works with Pathways .

Reynolds Converter is very easy to use. First, you click a button on your ERALink toolbar. You enter the last 6 digits of the VIN and all the information is extracted from your Reynolds server. Next, you double click a button on your desktop and all this information is transferred to Pathways . Now you click the New Estimate button in Pathways and then click the Create w/ Prior button, type the first few letters of the customer's last name, choose the customer from the list on the left and the vehicle from the list on the right. Finally, click the Use Customer/Vehicle button and your administrative pages are filled. You'll still have to click the Decode VIN button like you have to whenever you use an existing customer. The only manual entries you'll need to make is the insurance information, the mileage, production date and the state of license.

Reynolds Converter is a big time saver, and it makes your estimates look more professional. If you're like me, you are probably just entering the customer's name and the vehicle information. With Reynolds Converter, all the other information will also be filled in.

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