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Supplement Helper is an easy to use tool for generating supplement reports. And now print a customized, professional Direction-to-Pay automatically with every supplement.

Supplement Helper is a software product from BodyShop Solutions that assists shop managers in producing easy to read and understand supplement reports during those instances where your working off an insurance estimate. Instead of rewriting the entire estimate with your own estimating system, use Supplement Helper to quickly produce a detailed, yet easy-to-read printed supplement report. Using Supplement Helper will make supplements easy to write and easy for insurance appraisers to understand.

Features of Supplement Helper

  • Supplement Helper is fast and easy to use. Very little setup is required. Simply enter some basic information about the claim and begin producing a detailed supplement report.

  • No need to setup insurance company profiles. Easily customize each report to your shop rates or any insurance company's rates. You can change rates line-by-line for different operations. You can also change tax rates line-by-line if you need to. 

  • Supplement Helper breaks report into three sections. Printed report will list items in groups of "Deleted items," "Changed items" and "Added items," with sub totals for each group. 

  • List changes by original estimate line numbers. This will make the insurance appraiser's work quicker and easier. And the easier you make the appraiser's job the more likely his final supplement will agree with yours.

  • Save and reopen supplements. You can save and edit your supplements so you can work on them as you progress through the repair.

  • Preview your supplement report before printing. Your printed report is customize with your shop name at the top and the date printed, giving your supplement report a professional look. 

  • Print a professional looking Direction-to-Pay, customized with your company information, automatically with every supplement.

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