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  Tow Bill Helper  

Tow Bill Helper

Are you getting tired of not being paid a markup on towing?

If you don't own a wrecker, and all of your tow bills are sublets, you are probably not getting a markup on those sublets. For some reason insurance companies feel they shouldn't pay you for lending them money, handling the paperwork etc...

You don't run a charity. You should get paid a fair markup on every sublet, even towing.

I developed Tow Bill Helper to keep my sublet account from looking like a non-profit operation. 

So easy to use!

Tow Bill Helper is very simple to use. When you run the software for the first time, enter all your company information. This will print at the top of the tow bill. When you receive a tow bill from a tow service, enter the tow company's name and the towing amount. You can enter up to three tows. There is a line to enter an administration fee. The insurance company charges you a fee to send you a bill for your insurance premium. Charge them a fee to pay for the tow in advance. Or you can just mark up the tow and omit the administrative fee. The tow bill has your company name at the top. The insurance company doesn't need to see what you paid.

Tow Bill helper automatically calculates storage charges based on your storage rates, which you enter when you fill in your company information.

When it comes time to print the bill, you have a choice of printing the sublet company's name, or you can opt to just print the bill as if you did the towing yourself. 

Your tow bills are saved so you can reopen them and change the billing date to adjust the storage charges as necessary.

Try Tow Bill Helper!

Just some of the features.

  • Two printing formats: Original tow bill format, and now a generic invoice. You can use it to bill anything.

  • Add your logo to the bill.

  • Set your desired gross profit margin. The software automatically adds the correct markup.

  • Set the tax rate for each individual line in the bill.

  • Customize line headings. You can invoice anything you want, not just towing related items.

  • Costs just $100 for the first computer and an additional $25 per networked PC.

  • Try a fully operational copy free for 10 days

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