CCC’S Disappointing Pathways Update

August 22, 2003 by · 13 Comments
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Pathways Upgrade to 4.0

As a high tech redneck I just love to get new software. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve while waiting for an announced update to find its way to my desk. And as a software developer myself I tend to be more critical than the average user. I know exactly what goes into creating software that successfully does everything it?s intended to do.

CCC has been distributing its new version of Pathways for a few months now. They are releasing the update to 4.0 slowly because, well, body shop owners are not the most computer savvy group of Americans, and the tech support calls during an update become overwhelming. I, myself, had to call three times to get everything working properly. The tech support I received was excellent, as it always is.
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The Truth About Towing

August 4, 2003 by · 8 Comments
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A wrecker arrives at your shop carrying a fresh wreck. The customer requested the vehicle be brought to your shop. The wrecker driver walks into your office and wants to know where to drop the car. You drop whatever you are in the middle of, and walk outside to search your lot for a suitable space to store this immovable vehicle until you are ready to work on it. After getting the car unloaded the wrecker driver returns to your office looking for a check. If your shop is in a dealership you spend the next fifteen minutes getting the check written and searching for two people to sign it. You get back to your office, give the driver the check and begin the search for information on the vehicles owner, because no one bothered to call you to say their car was on the way to your shop. You finally track down the owner and generate a repair order, write an estimate and begin the wait for the insurance company to come out to look at the car. The appraiser shows up 3 days later and cuts your estimate by two thirds. On your estimate he notices that you marked up the towing. He tells you his company doesn?t pay markups on towing charges. You shrug your shoulders submissively and say, ?Yeah, well I thought you?d say that.?
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