How Our Ignorance Stifles Technology

October 22, 2003 by · 2 Comments
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Imagine this: An insurance appraiser calls you and says he?s just finished writing an estimate on a vehicle. The customer said she wanted the car fixed at your shop so he?s just giving you a heads-up to check your email because he?s sent the estimate to you.
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Those Prevailing Rates

October 10, 2003 by · 4 Comments
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This article appeared in the February 2003 issue of BodyShop Business.

Like the prevailing winds blowing over one of our local dairy farms, the term conjures up images of decomposing and festering crap.
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Update to the Allstate Saga

October 1, 2003 by · 3 Comments
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Here?s a quick follow up to article about Allstate that appeared in Septembers issue of Body Shop Business.

First let me say that I?ve definitely struck a nerve in the auto body industry. I received calls and emails from people around the country. Some of the calls were from people wanting to share similar experiences, others from people just wanting to thank me for speaking out. I even received calls from insurance people in my area, some with positive comments and others who just wanted to let me know that they read the article (I guess they are now keeping their eyes on me). Apparently most of the insurance companies receive BSB.
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