There is a Fair Flat Rate System

December 29, 2003 by · 10 Comments
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This article appeared in the February 2002 issue of Bodyshop Business

It seems not a week goes by without me reading about some shop owner paying his painter an astronomical salary. I read it on the discussion boards, in the trade magazines and hear about it through the auto body grapevine. At first I thought it was just some urban legend cooked up by underpaid techs trying to justify their woes. But some of the sources are getting more and more credible.

Just stop and think a minute about this. The painter, who may be very skilled, has a limited number of needed skills to do his job well. On the other hand, think about all the skills your metal techs need to do their jobs well. I?m in no way trying to lessen the value or the importance of our painters. They are just as vital to our success as anyone else in our shops. I am trying, however, to put things into perspective. For those of you shop owners and managers who are paying your painters more than your metal techs or worse yet, yourselves, this is a merely a wakeup call. You may need to consider a more equitable method of distributing your labor dollars.
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The Big Lie

December 11, 2003 by · 1 Comment
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Sometimes the truth is so painful we just can?t speak it. Sometimes the truth is so obvious we just don?t see it. Sometimes the truth is so inflammatory that it becomes painfully obvious, thus it must be hidden. And every now and then someone like myself comes along who relishes the truth, especially when it causes much anguish to those whose heads are buried deeply in a litter box. Sorry folks, but I?m going to tell it like it is.
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