Another Weapon For Your Arsenal

March 24, 2004 by · 4 Comments
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It?s a national pastime for people in the collision repair industry to bash insurance companies. And most of the insurance companies deserve some verbal abuse. Many of us feel helpless against the rich giants who seem to run our businesses into the ground. Complaining makes us feel so much better, doesn?t it?
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The Era of the Entrepreneur Could Be Ending

March 4, 2004 by · 6 Comments
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Now that the Democrats have chosen their gladiator in the battle to be world leader, we can make some relevant predictions and warnings about the possible outcome. And if you think this is going to be just another political rant, guess again. Keep reading.

Whether you like it or not, whether you are a DRP shop or a so-called ?Pro Consumer? shop, your business, collision repair, is tied to the insurance industry. That will never change. Unless you plan on making your fortune restoring rust buckets, which isn?t even collision repair, you are going to have some form of insurance influence on your business. The best you can do is to keep that influence limited to a survivable presence.
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