Auto Body Association of Connecticut Takes Fight to Capital.

September 24, 2004 by · 4 Comments
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The Auto Body Association of Connecticut has had a busy month beginning in late August. On August 26, 2004, ABAC officers and directors were invited to the Capital building for a meeting with the Governor?s staff. The meeting was prompted by the letter ABAC sent to Jodie Rell just prior to her being sworn in after the embarrassing departure of John Rowland. That letter was printed in the last ABAC newsletter and explained Connecticut?s collision repair industry?s frustration with the Department of Insurance not acting on complaints against the insurance industry. Leveraging the scandal involving allegations of corruption in the Rowland administration, the ABAC letter charged that the Insurance Department ?appears to be a den of corruption,? citing favoritism toward the insurance industry by ex-insurance employees turned Insurance Department officials. We credit the Rell administration with a quick response and a willingness to understand the problem.
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Don’t Be A Jackass.

September 9, 2004 by · 14 Comments
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I?m going to catch hell for this column. Roughly half of you will be infuriated. I?m hoping at least half of you will either agree with me or give it some thought, otherwise this industry is screwed. Just like this country is sharply divided politically, this industry is also. Unless you?re some spineless politician trying to buy votes by pleasing everyone, you?re going to piss off the opposition. So I might as well have fun doing it.
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