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April 28, 2005 by · 7 Comments
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Regardless of how some in this industry run their shops, the collision repair business is still a business. It is not a nonprofit organization or a hobby or a school. You are running a business and as a business owner or manager you should be interested and aware of national and regional policy issues that can, and will, affect your bottom line. Now I know many of you could give a flying fornication about politics. And a few of you have expressed your disappointment or distaste of my occasional political pontifications. Too freaking bad. It?s important, if you care about the future of your business, to be aware of what those slimy politicians are up to. Those of you who are easily offended by right wing rhetoric may want to find a nice tree to hug, or better yet, find some smelly homeless person, take him home with you and give him a bath. The rest of you should read on.
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The Counterfeit Parts Business is Thriving Again.

April 5, 2005 by · 7 Comments
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One of my many hobbies is collecting American antiques. I love the look and the history of early American furniture. If you?re careful, collecting antiques can be a great investment too. Being careful means knowing true antiques in original condition from counterfeits and poorly restored junk. Knowing how to spot a fake or reproduction can keep you from wasting money on something that?s pretty much worthless. A $50,000 highboy with replaced brass drawer pulls and a replaced leg can easily loose 75% of its value. Being in original condition means everything. If you had an eighteenth century mirror, and you broke the glass, replacing the glass with a new piece from your local Home Depot would ruin the value of the antique. However, if you replace it with an authentic piece of eighteenth century glass the value would remain intact. In other words, putting aftermarket parts on a valuable antique destroys its value.
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