Screw Lean, Get Mean

August 19, 2009 by · 8 Comments
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Pick up any trade magazine from the past couple of years and you’ll probably find an article about “lean production” or cutting your cycle time. Anyone whose mind is a jumbled mess from having to deal with the daily BS involved in running a shop would think little about the meaning and intent behind those articles. In fact, many of you have invested time and money to follow some of the advice in these articles.

From people intimately familiar with Toyota’s lean manufacturing processes to the freelancers who write for our industry’s trade magazines even though they have zero experience working in or running a collision repair shop, everyone seems to be banging on the same worn out drum trying to get you to dance. But these writers are no musicians. They are herdsmen, and you are their brainless sheep.

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The Folks at AIG Have Lost Their Minds

August 3, 2009 by · 7 Comments
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AIG has had a hard time in the past year or so. Bad publicity from less than squeaky clean business dealings has caused a panic, prompting a name change. They were losing thousands of policy holders every month due to the stigma of the AIG brand so they changed their name to 21st Century Insurance. Sounds so clean and modern, doesn’t it? Apparently the stress of their identity crisis has caused them to lose their minds altogether. Their legal department–those tasked with creating the disclaimers printed at the end of AIG’s estimates–has decided that the law shouldn’t stand in their way of taking back control of their company, and trying to take control of the collision repair industry. Their disclaimer page has been expanded, now containing some pretty inventive statements.

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