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I’ve taken a part time job working at an independent body shop close to my home writing estimates and supplements and harassing insurance companies. I’ve been at it for a few months now and up until recently I haven’t seen or heard from a Progressive appraiser. Finally, several weeks ago, I had a customer who was hit by one of Progressive’s insureds. Because I’m in a different area of the state now, I’m unfamiliar with the local appraisers. More importantly, they are unfamiliar with me. What fun!

First let me admit that I was spoiled working at a high line dealership body shop. Those evil rich drove nice new cars that demanded nice new OEM parts. Now all I see are Honda’s and Hyundai’s. Old ones at that. I’ve never seen so many junk cars in my life. But I guess the poor have to drive too.

Anyway, I had a customer who was hit by a Progressive insured. I wrote an estimate and asked the customer to make arrangements to meet the Progressive appraiser here at my shop. Progressive people hate that. They’d rather look at the vehicle somewhere else. Any where I am not. When the Progressive appraiser showed up I knew there would be trouble. He looked to be about 12 years old. He fit Progressive’s archetype for their ideal appraiser: young, naive and no experience in the collision repair industry.

His estimate was several hundred dollars less than mine. No surprise there. But it was a small repair, and that several hundred dollars amounted to about 30% of my estimate. Of course, the labor rate was an issue, but what really got me wound up with this moronic “blend within the panel” crap. I basically told the kid he could take his “blend within the panel” and have his first sexual experience with it. I wasn’t going to accept it. There were some other issues too, and it all added up to the 30% deficiency. I was beginning to lose my cool because this prepubescent putz couldn’t figure out how to meet my bottom line, so I told him to do what a lot of other appraisers do: make something up and put it on the estimate. Of course, I was being sarcastic, but being so young, this kid didn’t understand the sarcasm and took offense to my suggesting he commit fraud. Well at least the kid is honest.

I asked the kid for his appraiser’s license number and the name of his supervisor and explained that I would be filing a complaint with the insurance department, which I did immediately after he left (And don’t we all know how effective that was). I told the customer not to worry about the difference–I would take care of it. I had her sign a repair authorization, a direction to pay and a power of attorney in case I had to sue the bastards. Working at a dealership I never had the opportunity to sue an insurance company because the owner didn’t want the trouble, but now that I’m working at a small independent shop, the owner is willing to go after insurers who don’t play nice.

I spoke with the kid’s supervisor over the phone about the situation. For the record, she was very pleasant, just like talking to sweet high school girl. I didn’t meet her in person, but by the sound of her voice she was another Progressive clone–too young and inexperienced in anything to be dealing with these issues. But she promised to look into it. I knew I was wasting my time, and I was. After three days of haggling, the young girl managed to come up with another hundred dollars. She was still a couple of hundred short. I explained to her that I was going to sue her insured for the balance. She responded with a perky “OK” like I had just asked her if she wanted to go hang out at the mall. She was trained to perfection. Great job Progressive behavior modification department!

With little effort I was able to locate the guy who hit my customer and promptly mailed him the following letter:

Dear Mr. XXXXX,

On November 29, 2007 you were involved in an accident with XXXXXX, damaging her Honda Civic. Mrs. XXXX brought her vehicle to us for repairs. Your insurance company, Progressive, refused to pay the amount needed to properly repair Mrs. XXXXX vehicle. Mrs. XXXXX has given us her Power of Attorney and we are collecting the remaining balance directly.

The total repair cost was $xxxxx, but Progressive has only agreed to pay $xxxx. Your insurance company has left you owing us $xxx. Your liability insurance is supposed to cover all damages up to your coverage limit, but ultimately you are responsible for any damages not covered by your insurer.

We have filed a complaint with the Connecticut Department of Insurance, and we suggest you do the same. If you need help filing the complaint we will be happy to assist you.

Progressive has already refused to pay the balance. If you do not pay the difference we will be forced to bring the matter to small claims court. Please contact us to discuss this matter, and for payment options. Our phone number is xxxxxxxxx.

Enclosed is a copy of our invoice, paperwork showing what Progressive is willing to pay, and a copy of the Power of Attorney signed by Mrs. XXXXX.


John Shortell

A few days later I received a phone call from Mr. XXXX. He wanted to discuss the matter. I explained the situation to him in more detail, and he agreed to pay the balance owed and then deal with his insurance company. I again offered to help him in any way I could with filing a complaint with the insurance department or recovering the money from Progressive. He didn’t take me up on the offer, but he did send a check the next day. I’ve yet to hear from him or Progressive so I have no idea if he was reimbursed or not. I do know the gentleman was not too happy about having pay for repairs to someone else’s car after he had been paying premiums for liability insurance. Something tells me Mr. XXXX will be finding someone else to send his hard earned money to for insurance in the near future.

I fully expected to have to go to small claims court. I knew Progressive would not give in, and I never expected the insured to cough up the money so easily. I feel sorry for the poor bastard. But I’ll be damned if I will become a cheap whore just because Progressive is too profit driven to treat my customers fairly. It’s ironic. Progressive was started by a left wing socialist. The name Progressive is not a coincidence. This nut job and his dope smoking kid, who recently stepped down from running the company, preached the progressive movements dogma, and heavily funded many of its whacked out causes. Progressives are supposed to be more fair than the evil rich. They are supposed to care about the little guy and scorn the evil corporations, yet here they are now acting as bad as any corporation ever did. They only care about their profit and share holders. Kind of makes them big time hypocrites. Just my humble opinion.

Lesson learned? Never sell yourself short. If you’re going to be a whore, at least be a high priced whore. Stand up for yourself. Had I gone to court, I most certainly would have won. It is astonishingly easy to demonstrate to a judge how labor rates are artificially suppressed by insurers, how they manipulate the system for their corporate financial gain, and that they will do just about anything to save a buck. To be fair, I would probably do the same if I worked for Progressive or another insurance company. It is all part of their survival. When your cat eats a cute little bird, you may think it horrific, but it is only natural. And it is only natural for collision repairers to fight to survive. What is not natural is when collision repairers give up and play nice at the risk of losing everything. That’s agonizing suicide.

If you’re thinking that I spend a lot of time talking about Progressive, there’s good reason. First, they deserve it. Second, I know my audience–and it’s Progressive. For this past year, Progressive Insurance has been my number one visitor to this website. State Farm has been catching up lately. They are the top visitor this month. Way ahead of everyone else. The only other entities that generate more traffic to this site are the large ISP’s like Road Runner and AOL. I’m flattered. Hopefully some of what I talk about is subliminally sinking in.

Oh yeah, remember my prediction about CCC’s announcement that it would get rid of the prompts for bumper covers? I said it would be slow in coming. Well here we are a couple of months and updates later and it’s still there. Your complaints forced them to make a public acquiescence, but now that the hell raising has died down, no need to rush things. We’re still waiting CCC. Wassup?

One more thing. Apparently there is a lawsuit going on in Arizona against Progressive. The plaintiffs have deposed a former Progressive employee. The deposition is interesting reading. For an inside look on the pressure and incentives to steer vehicles to network shops give it a read. It is only a partial transcript. If anyone has the entire document or a link, please send it to me or link to it in the comments section.

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27 Comments on Calling Progressive’s Bluff

  1. Bob Isham on Thu, 31st Jan 2008 4:13 pm
  2. You have done a great job of describing a typical Progressive claim and the tactics they use to minimize payments. We try to keep them out of our shop and let Progressive pay the deductible and we ask the owner to go to their own insurer. Progressive, like State Farm has mastered the “art of steering”.

    Of course every shop should visit which is a website where employees can bitch about their employer. You will get a tremendous insight into the minds of some of the clones who both still work with them and those that have left. Employee turnover is huge. Stop and think of all the State Farm and Allstate appraisers that have been coming in the shop for 15 or 20 years and try to recall a “long time” Progressive employee who is not in upper management.

    What comes around goes around and Progressive is going to find out that their reputation is going to catch up to them.

  3. IGA Man on Fri, 1st Feb 2008 8:04 am
  4. John,

    If you get any other information on the Crawford case, please shoot it to me. We are interested in the case. (


  5. crashpro on Sat, 2nd Feb 2008 11:43 am
  6. John, thanks for the help. I’m in exactly the same Progressive situation right now. I think it’s time for me to “not be so nice” anymore. I was never really concerned too much in the past because I only repaired three Progressive cars all last year, but for some ungodly reason, I got four this week. I’m to the point now where I just want to wear them down then refuse to repair the cars and let them start all over with someone else. But, I like the idea of going after their insured for the balance. It’s a good way of helping these insureds away from Progressive.

  7. C.A.Perry on Sat, 2nd Feb 2008 2:47 pm
  8. I have had my shop for now 37 years in the same location and in the past it was always allstate who was the worse ,But progressive is also very bad to deal with ,
    I say let us share our legal knowledge and fight back all we can ,, i AM SICK of the way insurance companies have ruined body repair shops business , I say fight back all we can legally.

  9. Chad on Tue, 5th Feb 2008 8:27 pm
  10. I also do estimates for a small independent, also I am the owner. Progressive is the worst, I’ve had to trucks now that were rear ended by a progressive insured there estimate 800. mine 1800. their adjustors would’nt know a hammer from a screw driver and they are always different I think they quit after a month or two. I have fun with them now, last one I said I wanted a 1/2 hour to clean all the pink marker ( magically tells them how long it will take) off. He looked at me stunned. I said, “I’m serious”. He said he would clean it off I said, “ok”, but he did’t have anything to clean it off with. I said “use your shirt”. This frakin blend within panel crap screams class action lawsuit sign me up. 1/2 time for a repair panel is outright criminal. they give you 4 hrs on a seven hour job and pay blend time and mat to boot will not pay on allot of sublets either, they suck. And It matter not how far up the ladder you go finally getting the supervisors supervisor, I say “hey I want your formula for this modified paint time in writing”, he said ‘he could’nt give it to me”. I said “how do you figure it”. He said its half the pant time I said “Its not a blend panel its a repair panel” for gods sake,
    What really fired me up is when he chuckled and said ” what could you know about insurance law”

    Its my first post here found this site looking for others that progressive has riped off. So hello everyone

  11. Rustin on Wed, 17th Nov 2010 1:35 pm
  12. John-

    We have the same painful experiences with Progressive. As of last week in fact, we made it known that Progressive employees are not aloud on our property for any reason (working on putting a sign in our window now). Which this will be perfect as we do plenty of towing in our area and always tow in a few progessive vehicles here and there. There has to be an uprising against these bullying tactics!!! Keep up the good work!!!


  13. Bob Isham on Wed, 17th Nov 2010 4:57 pm
  14. We have seen Progressive greatly improve in the past 18 months. They are sending experienced appraisers who have good attitudes. I don’t know when and if the other shoe is going to drop but they are getting good marks at our shop.

    Geico is our main problem child. Yes, we have plenty of others, but the Gecko is really a very bad hombre.

    Everyone needs to understand that things can be hunky dory on the East Coast and horrific in another part of the country for the same carrier. We are in Arizona and enjoying the fact that Progressive has finally turned the corner. The rumor was that a couple of bean counters from Progressive left and went to Farmers where they are now counting beans at that company. Farmers seems to get worse as each day passes so I have to give some credibility to the story because
    of the fresh new attitude at Progressive.

  15. Kyle on Tue, 25th Jan 2011 12:19 am
  16. Wow i must be lucky. I own a small shop of about 6000 square feet and only work with three DRP’s, one being Progressive. The local adjuster does an outstanding job. While I dont always agree with their parts usage i have always agreed to use the aftermarket parts. In the cases where parts were not of the same quality or the parts contributed to a substandard repair they always stepped up and paid for the initial time with the aftermarket parts and again for my time to do it correctly. I am an advocate for shops rights, but i am also a capitalist. Insurance companies are businesses too, they are not charities or non profit organizations. Most of the companies that are continually bashed offer policies that only utilize OEM parts but customers dont purchase them do to the cost or the fact they are simply unaware. If you want to change the industry inform your customers. Break down the estimates and explain how you would like to repair the vehicle, then explain how you are being paid to repair the vehicle. Image what a difference could be made if every shop owner or manager informed there customers. If we give policy holders the knowledge to make the right decisions in choosing an insurance company based on more criteria than premiums we could focus on turning out quality repair instead of fighting the insurance companies.

  17. Bob Isham on Tue, 25th Jan 2011 8:22 am
  18. Kyle – Imagine what it would be if all insurance companies lived up to the promise in their contract to restore the vehicle back to it’s pre-loss condition and pay for repairs with original parts. Imitation parts “stink” and you know it. Of course I advise my customers that buying insurance from reputable companies that utilize OEM parts is the right way but they are attracted to little lizards and cute advertisements about “being on your side”.

    Insurers know the imitation parts are a scam and they spend more bucks trying to administrate the crap they push. Shops that install this garbage are only enabling the insurers to lower cost and quality. Insurers profit and both the consumer and shops lose.

    Once an insurer realizes that selling a better product and providing better service will get them more business as opposed to expensive and devious advertising than we will see that insurer prosper. Allstate is moving in that direction with a better contract, better service and better attitude. We can hope others join Allstate
    who offer a much better product at a competitive cost.

    The real culprits are those that modify, slot holes, and make excuses to their customers like “that is all the insurance would pay us” when they install what they know is junk. It is not the job of collision repair shops to make excuses rather we need to stand tall and make our case for OEM. We also need to rid our industry of the hackers, cheaters, crooks but that is going to be tough because this is exactly what draws a lot of insurers to this type of operation and they reward them with tons of work via the drp relationship.

    Don’t make excuses for insurers who peddle imitation parts. For years I have challenged the insurers to bring me an imitation part that is equal to an OEM. No one has accepted that challenge.

  19. Kyle on Thu, 17th Feb 2011 10:59 pm
  20. Did you read my post. I am not advocating the use of substandard parts! If you hate insurance companies so much quit working for them. What have you done to change our industry outside of your shop? Have you become accredited to teach classes required to be taken by insurance agents, have you written editorials to magazines, (i have amongst other things) i doubt it because you could not get past the part of my article stating i have a good relationship with Progressive. I have a good relationship with insurance companies because i am able to work with them while not compromising my quality not because I turn out loads of referrals at the cheapest price!

  21. Bob Isham on Fri, 18th Feb 2011 8:39 am
  22. Our biggest problem with imitation parts is the people that use them. It is like the illegal substance abuser that keeps buying and therefore supporting the illegal drug trade.

    I will say that Progressive has done a 180 turn in our area and, with the exception of the crappy parts, they have become a better company. What the future holds is not known but I am hoping they have learned that treating people with respect is better than screwing them over.

    Let me set the record straight about my qualifications. I was an insurance agent for over 26 years, rose to high ranking on the agent’s association board, and I have a very good understanding of the insurance contract. I made a nice living and sold my agency. I was tired of being a pimp for the worlds largest whores.
    Frankly I know too much about how the “poor insurers” work.

    I have also taught estimating and I was a publisher of a Monthly magazine called the Arizona Collision Watchdog where I authored numerous articles. I am a past President of the Arizona Collision association and have served on the Board and as an officer of a National Collision group.

    I have seen enough so called “certified parts” and can say that certification is a joke. That is why parts are “certified” in lots of 100 or 200. Each different “lot”
    is created when the factory improves it’s operation (like buying a new broom, or the next day a new mop and maybe even putting in a 200 watt light bulb to replace a 150 watt bulb).

    Plain and simple the imitation parts are junk and will always be junk. They are cost driven, not quality driven and the people who support them in order to secure insurance drps are the real problem with our industry. I do feel it is possible to function under a drp with a partner that allowed the shop Carte Blanche to fix the vehicle in the best interest of the vehicle owner. I have not seen this happen in my 22 years in the collision industry. Remember as an agent I know and understand the greed of the insurers. One thing I will say is they treated their agent staff the same way they treat most collision repair shops, by
    finding a way to cheat them. No discrimmination as they found ways to shortchange everyone.

    Lastly I want to make it clear that “I don’t work for insurers”. I work for vehicle owners. My contract of repair is with the vehicle owner, not the insurer. No one can serve two masters.

    The insurance people often say that “I am the only one” but they also say that to a lot of other good quality shop owners.

  23. JIm on Wed, 21st Sep 2011 6:16 pm
  24. I agree with the negative comments about progressive. The door on the passenger side by the driver was destroyed by a Progressive policyholder.
    The guy was in a large pickup truck with a brush guard on the front. He was parked next to me in an Ihop parking lot and had parked at an angle in the parking space and his wheels were cut to the left. The brush guard caught the door as a passenger was exiting the door. The passenger was in the process of opening door before the truck backed. Because the .driver wasn’t paying attention he caught the passenger’s leg in the door and luckily she was not injured. The driver and his passenger both admitted they did not see my car and even admitted that they strayed over the line into my parking space.
    They gave me their insurance information and did not take mine because their truck was not damaged. I did not call the police to investigate the accident because they said they would not come to a private parking ( my first mistake). Needles to say, progressive did not pay for the damages and my insurer did but it cost me $200. Apparently the driver of the pickup told them a whole different story.and my company did not attempt to recover their costs.
    I learned a valuable lesson because I thought all people are honest. I think I will take the owner to small claims court.

  25. Dave McGuire on Mon, 18th Feb 2013 4:57 pm
  26. I agree with your assessment of Progressive, however, did you consider that the guy you wrote the letter to to cover the balance may never use your shop? I never tell claimants or insureds they will have to pay the balance. I either negotiate diplomatically with the appraiser , show them that the aftermarket part does not fit or get the OEM dealer to match the aftermarket price. We dont use aftermarket parts in our shop unless the vehicle owner wants them, typically when they are paying out of pocket. I have found, if you are constantly at war with insurance company staff, they will find a way to screw you over.

  27. Bob Isham on Tue, 19th Feb 2013 8:50 am
  28. While I feel that trying to help the customer by solving the problem in a professional manner is important I surely don’t roll over if I fail to get the insurance company to cover the cost. Remember the old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The problem with the collision industry is they have given up and are afraid of retaliation from insurers. North State Custom stood their ground and they prevailed.

    We have demanded and gotten fair payment from insurers all because they know that we are mean SOB’s and our demands for fair payment are 100% right. As a good friend has often said that “there is more than one way to skin a cat”. The bottom line is that if more shops demanded fair payment the industry would be a better place. When and if insurers do try to screw you later just “document, document, and document some more”. When they suspect a trap is being set they will back off. Lots of people have beaten the insurers, never throw in the towel. Fight back and don’t give in.

  29. Micheal on Thu, 31st Jul 2014 6:49 pm
  30. Sounds like it is another shop that would like to take advantage of the average customer by charging more than retail prices on the parts… ie shipping charges, part mark ups, hazardous waste… Should I go on? Their own written estimates keep it fair and competitively balanced so the customer is able to go to any shop they choose to go to. Just because YOU choose to only use oem parts doesn’t mean the insurer has to! Let me guess you haven’t read your policy have you? I bet whoever your policy holder is has a after market, reman, or used clause in it! As far as I know they do all the leg work for you by locating the price and parts for you… All you have to do is repair it and collect the check.
    I’m glad I came up on this website since I was just shopping around at how insurance companies differ from each other, since I work at a dealership. And talking to the body shop when I saw an adjuster come in I asked em how they liked it. They told me that it is nice when progressive comes in because all they have to is price match and if something is missed supplement it. They don’t have to so nothing but repair and get parts in.

  31. Bob Isham on Thu, 31st Jul 2014 7:54 pm
  32. I stand by my comments about Progressive. Using imitation parts is not fair to the vehicle owner because they simply are crap. If a shop is letting insurers write estimates and not blue printing the repair themselves they are not doing the customer or themselves a thorough service. Most estimates are written by insurers for 50% of the final bill in order to intentionally put money in the hands of the consumers and cheat them if the cash out. If any person/corporation operated a business with the intent to cheat their customers by paying half of what they owe they are obviously crooked.

    If a shop does not normally come up with at least double the amount of the insurer estimate they need to keep looking. Insurers generally have the ethics of a cockroach.

  33. James Conrad on Thu, 11th Sep 2014 4:53 am
  34. Progressive deals with thousands of Bodyshops around the country, and it knows the base cost of repairs, and all they are trying to do is get a genuine cost of repair for the customer. If you think it is way over the top then you are charging your customers to much. Also a bad altitude towards their appraiser does nothing to help your customer, who is the guy you should be concerned about.

  35. Bob Isham on Thu, 11th Sep 2014 12:51 pm
  36. James, what are you smoking? Progressive cares only about cheap, fast and control of the repair process.

  37. James Conrad on Sat, 13th Sep 2014 8:36 am
  38. I worked for many years as a freelance assessor for insurance companies, and consequently know most of the tricks of the trade John including “so I told him to do what a lot of other appraisers do: make something up and put it on the estimate” so that there are an extra few dollars for the body shop, the chances of the customer getting a share is usually zero, or claiming for OEM parts and fitting something different, also the clones these days are indistinguishable from the real thing. So there is always the chance to skim a bit off the top for the repair shop.

    The customer is at the end of the pecking order from what I gather, and the body shop first!

  39. Bob Isham on Sat, 13th Sep 2014 10:10 am
  40. James, the customer comes first at quality minded shops. It is insurers like Progressive that place them last. To good shops it is all about fixing the vehicle so it is safe, returned as close as humanly possible to its pre loss condition, with oem parts and getting paid fairly. Business 101 is take care of the customer. I was in business 50 years and the customer was always taken care of.

    […] Calling Progressive’s Bluff | – Tow Bill Helper. New … – You have done a great job of describing a typical Progressive claim and the tactics they use to minimize payments. We try to keep them out of our shop and let …… […]

  41. LaShawn on Fri, 25th Nov 2016 3:52 pm
  42. Hello,

    On July 16, 2015, I was involved in an auto collision; in my 2009 Smart For Two automobile. I was insured (full coverage), with Progressive Casualty Insurance Company. I contacted Progressive to file a claim, July 17, 2016. I spoke to a Claims Specialist. Upon explaining to the Claims Specialist what happened, she automatically and immediately declared my vehicle to total loss; without having the vehicle inspected. I initially requested to have my vehicle removed from their storage facility, Copart USA (online salvage and insurance auction) and was denied. The Claims Specialist contacted the Auto Body Shop I contacted, intercepted and told them, they cannot access, remove and repair the vehicle. I contacted an Auto Body Shop independently and received an estimate, indicating my vehicle was repairable. I filed a claim with the California Department of Insurance, and was assigned to an Insurance Compliance Officer. The Compliance Officer did absolutely nothing to assist me. She also lied and stated, she’s unable to provide me with the application for the mediation program; although the CDI’s website clearly stated, that’s a service they provide when the Insurance Company declares your vehicle a total loss, although repairable. The Compliance Officer sided with Progressive and continued to redirect me to Progressive and later told me, my only option is to file a claim in Small Claims Court. I filed a claim against Progressive and was awarded the full amount, $10,105.00, March 1, 2016. On March 2, 2016, Progressive transferred my vehicle, from Copart, Colton, CA to Copart, San Diego, CA. A Progressive employee forged my signature on the Power of Attorney (as it was needed to receive the Letter of Guarantee, from the lien-holder), paid the lien-holder, forged the DMV title documents, transferred the title (without my signature) to reflect Progressive as the legal owner and sold my vehicle, May 18, 2016. I filed another claim with the California Dept of Insurance, for fraud and forgery, Sept 2016. Again my claim was assigned to Compliance Office who, immediately closed my claim. It wasn’t until I contacted the Enforcement Agency, at the beginning of October; that I learned my claim was closed. It was only after I sent an email to the Insurance Commissioner, and several key people in the Agency, that the Compliance Officer decided to contact me and reopen my claim; in the middle of October, 2016. In the interim, I filed a Civil Unlimited Lawsuit against Progressive for Fraud/Forgery. Progressive has 21 days to provide my file to the CDI, however, per the Compliance Officer and her Supervisor, Progressive has until December 7, 2016 to only provide a response, not the forged documents. Per the Supervisor, Progressive’s Defense Attorney, is to provide a response to the Dept of Insurance. I received a response from the Compliance Manager, Progressive, who sent me a 4-5 page document, that entailed nothing but reasons why everything is my fault. Not once, did he address the fraud and forged documents. Progressive’s defense Counsel sent a subpoena to the DMV, requesting the DMV Title documents, with the deadline date of November 30, 2016 (which is after the 21 day deadline). However, the title documents are not on file with the DMV, as Progressive uses an in house Registration Service, which is located at the Copart in Vallejo (Headquarters). The only DMV Title documents on file with the DMV is the Vehicle Report and the Release of Liability. I’ve already requested and received the Release of Liability and Vehicle Report. To date, Progressive has not provided the forged documents, as I’ve requested them, neither have they addressed the fraud and forgery. Progressive has a 1.4 rating and over 2,000 complaints on, 377 complaints, 2.8 BBB rating and several complaints on Progressive’s, as recent as November 17, 2016.

    Sincerely Frauded Insured

  43. Bob Isham on Fri, 25th Nov 2016 5:06 pm
  44. To Frauded Insured. You might want to sit down with a lawyer that specislizes
    In insurer bad faith. Insurance Department are often cozy with insurers. The
    State AG should, but will probably not, help you. If you can get the attention of
    A local TV station that will do an expose on your case it might bring pressure.

    Progressive was the key bad guy in the Anderson Cooper expose over a year
    Ago. Those things can really be huge stories that wake up consumers and help
    Change things.

  45. Deb Thoreson on Wed, 14th Mar 2018 11:47 pm

    We own a small RV repair shop in Washington state. We have always enjoyed a more-or-less compatible relationship with all insurance companies (except National General… Don’t EVEN get me started). A major part of our work is collision repair. Adjustors like to think they know all about collision repair, and some even have a clue. But when it comes to RVs they know next to nothing. Most of them have no problem telling us that. They’ve come to trust us over the years and know we never gouge them. We charge what we charge, no increased prices for insurance claims.

    Roughly 2 years ago a new adjustor showed up at Progressive in Portland, OR. He thinks very highly of himself but in reality is a huge boor. He assumes he’s the smartest one in the room – always. But that’s not the issue. When he started coming out to our shop to inspect an RV, he would literally spend hours measuring every strand of wire from Point A to Point B, and paying by the inch on his estimates. He measures every inch of sheet metal we thinks we should need, or molding, or whatever, and allows not one inch more. He just can’t grasp the fact that a molding might come in a 16 ft stick, and while we may only need 12 ft, a whole stick has to be purchased. There’s no use for the remaining 4 ft and it’s discarded, meaning Progressive has to pay for the whole stick.

    He’s become increasingly difficult to work with, and comes up with all sorts of crazy things so he can cut repair costs, or deny our repair charges. (Why do you have to have 4 hours to REMOVE the rear cap, can’t you just “peel it back” for 1 hour? … )

    The repair we recently wrapped up began with our estimate in July 2017. He became obsession about a vacuum-bonded wall. He wanted us to ask the manufacturer if their wall was vacuum-bonded, he was sure it would be cheaper for us to buy such a wall than to repair it our way – the way we and every other RV repair shop does this type of repair. We gave him the manufacturer’s phone number and said knock yourself out. Months – months! – later, while never admitting he had no clue what he was chasing after, he finally told us we could do it our way, provided we send him progress pictures all along the way. Can we say CONTROL FREAK? That job finally wrapped up in FEBRUARY 2018. SEVEN months. Actual repair time in the shop was less than 2 weeks.

    The haggling he puts us through over these things goes on F-O-R-E-V-E-R; usually it takes months and months to wrap up a claim. Our customers can’t stand him. At least two of them have gone over his head to his boss. He’s just a smoother version of the same jerk. The first one was told tough, I stand by my guy. The second one (yesterday) believed the boss guy was there to help and smooth the way; the customer called us all happy about it. But in our conversation with Mr. Boss Man, nothing has changed. Nothing. The issue? Progressive will only pay for a surface repair. It involves the entire roof on a 35 ft RV that’s less than a year old. They’ll pay for a new membrane for the roof, but refuse to cover any damage to the structure under it. They want us to glue the new roof down over whatever is underneath it. That’s a sub-standard repair and we refuse to do such shoddy work. It’s turned into a standoff with the customer caught in the middle.

    The adjustor says he’s never had such “pushback” from any other shop, they ALL do it the way he’s telling us to do it, and that s how Progressive pays for this kind of repair nationwide. Pretty sure that’s a lie, especially when they’ve paid US to do it our way numerous times.

    I don’t know how this will end, but we plan to inform them that this particular adjustor is banned from our business. He will no longer be allowed to set foot on the premises. If they won’t send another adjustor (and it appears he’s the ONLY one in this region who handles RV claims), we will refuse any work involving Progressive.

    How ridiculous us it that it has to be this way?

  47. Jason on Fri, 14th Sep 2018 8:49 am
  48. So all these horror stories of how bad Progressive is, as an insured who WOULD you recommend?

    I just submitted my first claim with Progressive (someone stole the catalytic converters on my 2010 Tundra) after being a 15 year customer and something in this article caught my attention – Their tactic of trying to do the appraisal somewhere else. I told Guy I was on the phone with to schedule the appraisal that I was going to have the work done at the local dealer (since CA law requires I use OEM parts anyways for this truck). He said “ok, let me contact them to try to schedule tow and appraisal, I’ll patch you through on the conversation.” 5 seconds later he was back saying – She was too confused, lets schedule the appraisal at your residence and we’ll just write you a check. This will prevent them from completing unauthorized repairs before we get there. Service shops tend to do that since they are not autobody shops.”

    So we’re scheduled for Monday. I’m sure they will lowball me and hope I’m an idiot. But I know the cost of parts alone will be over $4000. I’m kinda looking forward to it, but if they give me an estimate of $4500 how do I know the repair won’t actually be $6500?

    I’m sure I’ll be fully ready to leave Progressive after this claim.

  49. Jessica on Tue, 9th Jul 2019 6:32 pm
  50. I was rear-ended by a guy not paying attention in bumper to bumper traffic. The impact was significant because although i was basically stopped, he pushed my truck into the car in front of me As it turns out, the guilty party is insured with Progressive. Fortunately, I was able to drive away (truck is drive-able) and immediately filed a claim. this occurred on June 10, 2019. It is now July 9 and Progressive is still jacking me around about how they have to split the insurance coverage between my damages and the guy in front of me. Clearly I was the most damage. The Progressive Adjuster was very prompt and provided an estimate in the amount of $5100. Unfortunately this did not include the cost to repair the air conditioner which was damaged with the push to the front car. The body shop has quoted $6400. I have repeatedly requested Progressive to authorize repair but the claims processor keeps saying she cannot until they have the cost of the repair to the front car. Thirty days later that car is still being assessed???? My mother notified the CEO of Progressive indicating the unacceptable claim processing and the inconsideration of the victim in this situation. The CEO sent the letter to the local claim processor’s manager who is now also reciting the same BS – Progressive cannot authorize repair pending receipt of the front car’s claim. I live in California and it is a fault state. The guy that hit me and Progressive have both acknowledged fault! WHAT CAN I DO NOW to get my truck Repaired??? Please advise.!!

  51. Bob Isham on Tue, 9th Jul 2019 6:51 pm
  52. Jessica, use you own insurance to repair the truck. Don’t wait for Progressive. An accident does not impact your premium unless you were “substantially” to blame Get a copy of the police report to confirm their guy got the ticket. The report will generally assess blame. The only time you should not call a cop is when you are driving after drinking or with an expired license.

    You are dealing with people that don’t play by the rules. It is the reason you buy insurance. If you made a bad choice and did not carry collision coverage you made a huge mistake. Most insurers operate like Progressive. Buy good coverage from a reputable company. Do your homework on who is good. Stay away from what I call the “advertising companies” who spend billions to get more suckers to make up for the suckers that canceled their coverage after a bad claims experience. For a good reference on a quality insurer call three shops and ask who is the “best”. Never go to a shop that is “contracted to the insurer” . A man can’t serve two masters.
    Good luck.

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