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Coincidentally, today I received the Insurance Industry trade magazine ABRN in the mail. On the front page is a story about an new House Bill, HR 5638, that attempts to clarify the current patent laws and exempt aftermarket parts manufacturers from prosecution for stealing other manufacturer’s hard work.

I find it interesting and quite telling that every one of the sponsors and co-sponsors are Democrats. I believe this just verifies what I’ve been preaching for many years now. The Democratic party is for females and fairies. Democracy is self devouring. Those behind this bill are only worried about getting reelected by being able to tell their constituents that they worked to keep insurance rates low. Meanwhile, they contribute to the decimation of one our country’s most important industries, automobile manufacturing. Those evil corporations have already been driven to the brink of bankruptcy by the trade unions (another favorite of Democrats). Now they want to take away one of the most basic tenets of liberty–the right to property ownership. For the good of the public, Democrats want to sacrifice the rights and ownership of those hard working, innovative and risk taking individuals who create the conveniences we all enjoy.

One can only hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will see this law (if it passes. It probably won’t make it out of committee this year) for what it is: Nothing more than a wealth distribution scheme and one more step toward socialism.

Unfortunately, this is a zero sum game. The money saved by consumers will be offset by the money lost by auto manufacturers and their employees, who are also, by the way, consumers. Again, Democrats are doing what they do best–Punishing hard work and innovation by taking money from those who earn and deserve it, and distributing it to those who choose to live off the hard work of others. Only, in this case it’s much worse because most of those counterfeit parts are made in Asia. Ironic, isn’t. Those  who complain most about manufacturers sending jobs overseas are now supporting a bill that will do just that.

Politicians being hypocrites. Who’d a thunk it?


Progressive is Now A Benevolent Leader

Another story in the same Insurance Trade Magazine hails Progressive Insurance as an industry leader for modifying their position on the “blend within panel” hocus-pocus crap they have been trying to screw us with for several years now. Apparently the alphabet soup of associations have met with and praised Progressive for discontinuing their calculated rape of collision repair shop owners.

Well, isn’t that special. If I remember correctly, Progressive was the industry leader when it began the practice in the first place. Search through the archives here and you will find plenty of space dedicated to this insipid practice. This would be a non issue if half the body shop owners in this country had a set of walnuts and told Progressive to take their non existent blend times and firmly implant them into their collective rectums.

ABRN’s article made it seem like all our troubles were now over. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I think I’ll go and delete all the negative things I’ve written about them in the past.

I congratulate those who worked hard to convince Progressive this move was in their best interest. But I can’t help but wonder if some of those surveys this country’s body shop owners have been filling out lately–the surveys that without exception rate Progressive dead last–may have contributed to their decision. Especially when their appraisers are seeing the results hung in most body shops in plain view for all customers to see.

While everyone is celebrating, the greedy bastards are working on some new money saving scheme. Lube up. Coming soon to a body shop near you.

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One Comment on More on Parts Piracy

  1. Dan on Tue, 2nd Sep 2008 7:29 pm
  2. Detroit is dying because most of what it makes is crap. The only thing surprising about the death of American cars is that it’s taking so long. I spent years at Enterprise watching GM sh*t endlessly go to the dealer on a hook while the Japanese cars would take just about any abuse a renter could dish-out. I spent more years at Safeco paying people twice as much for their totaled five year old Accords as I was for their totaled five year old Tauruses.

    How does an industry that nearly went bankrupt in the 70’s because they suddenly faced high fuel prices with no compatible product line wind up in the same position with their pants around their ankles 30 years later? Marketing!

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