Connecticut’s New Association Buys Pencils and Saves the World

July 23, 2008 by
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Thursday, July 17th, CCRS, the new collision repairer association in Connecticut had what appears to be their first meeting. Considering there are only a handful of members, there couldn’t have been much to discuss. Click here to visit their website and move to the bottom of the page to see a list of members in a scrolling text box. Also be sure to read their mission statement, and even more exciting, their “vision statement.” Ohh, I’ll save you the trouble of looking for it. Here it is for you to absorb. Be sure to swallow whatever you have in your mouth before you read this, lest it exits through your nose.

CCRS Vision:

Our Vision of this industry is one:

Where every business within the industry is treated as a knowledgeable, trustworthy professional worthy of respect, with every employee, manager, and owner contributing to insure that their integrity in action and deed is upheld; 

Where every employee has the education and training to provide a quality, timely repair on every vehicle thereby receiving the respect of peers, employers, and customers;

Where every customer receives a quality, timely repair at a fair and reasonable price by the professionals who made the repairs as well as the professionals who administered the claim;

Where every insurer believes they have received a quality repair at a fair settlement for quality work in a reasonable time, and in a respectful manner due any professional relationship;

-where all services that are performed are paid for and all services paid for are performed;

And where ethics and morals, respect and appreciation are the norm not the exception.

Isn’t that quaint? This collection of geniuses are concerned that insurers are happy with them. The customer (for those who are now confused, I mean the vehicle owner) gets a very brief mention, yet can’t even get their own paragraph. They have to share a paragraph with the “professionals who administered the claim.”

Then those claim professionals get their very own paragraph ensuring they are treated fairly and get their money’s worth. It’s very clear who this association wishes to serve. But they don’t know just what to do, so they do what every good liberal does–something that makes them feel good.

You all know how I feel about DRP whores. And by now you know that I believe that they are essentially left wing nut jobs who would rather rely on someone else to provide them with work; much like the half of American population who think that they are entitled to a prosperous life provided by our government. DRP whores can’t survive on their own and look to big brother–in this case, insurers–to solve all their problems.

More proof of my theory that DRP whores are just crazy liberals lies in the first order of business for the wonderful CCRS. Instead of working toward improving their industry, they did what most good liberals do. They tried to make themselves feel good, to feel useful, to feel special. Their first order of business was to join some do-gooder organization that provides pencils to the spawn of our lazy and uneducated citizens, and then issued a press release that was published by Beyond Parts. I’m sure every other collision repair industry news gatherer will proudly publish this historic press release in the coming days.

If this is a sample of what CCRS will be doing to promote our industry in the future I would beg them not to waste paper and valuable energy publishing such foul crap. Just think of the carbon footprint all this hoopla is generating. What are all these liberals thinking?

Members of the ABAC, Connecticut’s real auto body association will be meeting with members of CCRS in the next day or so to see if they can find some common ground. I wouldn’t waste the time. These dolts see the DRP culture as their lifeline and they also see that lifeline being threatened by the ABAC’s efforts. This threat is spreading across the country. Carstar, the insurance industry’s best friend, is a major benefactor and the muscle behind CCRS. They can’t afford to lose the DRP gravy train. 

Keep checking the CCRS website and watch the insurers line up to join. As has happened with most national organizations, the temptation of money from insurers has corrupted nearly every one of them.

But make no mistake here. In this case the cart came before the horse. Carstar’s relationship with insurers is the DNA of this organization. It was corrupt upon inception. Insurers are mobilizing across the country and encouraging these pro-DRP associations. Think of it as the “” of the collision repair industry. But instead of a bunch of rich whack jobs getting together to destroy our country, we have a bunch of ignorant whack jobs and rich insurance companies getting together to destroy our industry.

Currently, the 50% of American citizens who choose not to take advantage of America’s great opportunities, rely on our government–Big Brother–to steal money from the 50% of American citizens who have taken advantage of America’s opportunities. Big Brother steals that money and gives it to those who have chosen to simply exist and leach off of the rest of us.

Likewise, about 50% of our industry relies on Big Brother–in this case, insurers–to steal work from the other 50% of industry. Big Brother steals that work, that money, and gives it to those in our industry who refuse to take advantage of capitalism and earn the work. These DRP whores are socialists at heart. Instead of competing in a capitalist environment they would rather relinquish control of their businesses for the security of a steady flow of work. These are the very same people who would rather rely on the government to take care of them. These are the same people who would gladly give up essential liberties in exchange for government supplied security. The DRP culture is much larger than the damage it causes our industry. This dependent cultures spills over to our everyday lives and ruins the freedom we all enjoy as citizens of the greatest nation that has ever existed.

Dependence on insurers is destroying our industry. Dependence on government is destroying our nation.

The CCRS is simply another group of dependent souls trying to preserve the steady stream of handouts that keeps them in business. It is my belief that the only way to measure a man’s true worth to his society is to remove from him all the conveniences he enjoys in his modern life and see how he survives, how he cares for, provides for and protects himself and his family. So let’s remove the conveniences of modern collision repair–the DRP–and see who survives. Let’s measure the true worth of the men and women of our industry. You DRP whores in the CCRS and elsewhere better hope and pray we don’t abolish the DRP system. You’ll be like the pathetic city dwellers who have absolutely no survival skills or tools. The survival of the fittest may someday be reality. Will you be predator or prey?

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8 Comments on Connecticut’s New Association Buys Pencils and Saves the World

  1. Rene on Wed, 23rd Jul 2008 7:18 am
  2. Just an observation from from the land of cheese and a word about your “political” commentary: 1) Us left wing nut jobs do NOT EVER WANT TO BE LUMPED AND CATEGORIZED as DRP whores. I’m not one- (2) Our state is hugely Republican and there are many Republican-owned DRP shops. In fact just about ALL of our state legislators with “R” behind their name go with BIG business (insurance) legislation and not small business/consumer legislation- no matter what industry is proposing legislation. To most Republicans- its all about CASH and who puts out the most. Even those republican shop owners are not starting to see the light of left wing nut job politics and are voting “the other way”….
    There…..Now I just made myself feel GOOD!!!
    Still Love ya John! & your writing!
    Your #1 liberal nut job fan-

  3. John Shortell on Wed, 23rd Jul 2008 10:43 am
  4. Now, now Rene, don’t confuse ideology with political party affiliation. I never mentioned Republicans or Democrats. The Republican part is full of left wing whack jobs–John McCain? The past eight years have blurred the line between parties. I’m discussing a mental state here. A mental affliction known as dependency. The manly men have all deserted the human species. Global warming is not destroying the planet. Effeminate men with no self reliance are. Beware of a guy in a Prius. He can’t protect you.

  5. R U Serious on Wed, 23rd Jul 2008 7:25 am
  6. I read your post frequently. I think you are great, but anyway…

    Are they kidding? Notice the list of shops? I have been out of the business for about 2 years, but from what I remember…those are all hack shops. I am shocked that North Haven Auto Body is part of that nonsense. They used to be a decent shop…my opinion has changed.

    I don’t even know what to say right now. I am in total shock! Look at the fees they want to charge!!!

    Wow! I may be blonde and I may be female, but no way would I have ever been blind enough to join this bunch of quacks.

  7. Wade Ebert on Wed, 23rd Jul 2008 7:31 am
  8. What could I possibly add?

    Perhaps you could encourage this new association to detail their activities while in cahoots with insurers and suggest that they submit them to the AG for their blessing as a “paragon of virtue”.

    That would really shut guys like you and me up.


  9. Mark Pierson on Wed, 23rd Jul 2008 8:47 am
  10. Very well stated John… if these folks want to be lapdogs to the insurance industry, there are many well established institutions already in place for their collective subservience…. and to my girlfriend in the Land of Cheese, let me know when the next liberal nutjob convention takes place, I’ll be there.

  11. Gary Doze on Wed, 23rd Jul 2008 10:54 am
  12. Seems that assns Like to collect money and not do anything that might help The auto body industry. Most times I find that truck adjusters & their companys are more intelligent (most of them) but they aren’t as dishonest. But as adjusters leave Progressive and come to the better ins. co’s they bring there stupidity with them. If assns don’t work harder to change the way ins. co’s cheat and lie there will be less and less quality shops. I may not be here much longer but Ienjoy telling adjusters to kiss off and to have the ins co’s pay the shop est’s.

  13. ding on Wed, 23rd Jul 2008 3:44 pm
  14. looks like a list of progressive drps. thats strange 🙂

  15. Patty McConnell on Tue, 9th Sep 2008 8:17 am
  16. WOW! I can’t quite get the connection between my Democratic point of view and the DRP network. I’m an Oregon “left-wing nut job” who believes that our industry needs to work together to provide a quality repair for our customer, THE OWNER OF THE VEHICLE.

    It’s hard to see what you’re actually trying to say because of all the Right Wing jargon!!! But I do agree that CARSTAR has sold out to the Insurance Industry and that’s why I left.(Left…get it!!! Left is sometimes Right!) Would love to see more dialog that doesn’t include references to my political opinions.
    The DRP concern we can agree on…. the rest, PULEASE!!!!! Use some restraint before someone in a white jacket comes to get you!!!

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