My Popular Tow Bill Helper Software is Now New and Improved

May 28, 2010 by
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For all of you using my Tow Bill Helper software, a long overdue overhaul is finally here. I’ve completely rewritten the software from scratch, making it more versatile and adding many features. The software can now be used to write invoices of any kind, not just tow bills. If you have been having a hard time getting paid a markup on sublet tows, this software will solve that problem. Read on, an I’ll give you a quick overview of the new Tow Bill Helper 2010.

Here is a screen shot of Tow Bill Helper 2010

You can now import customer information right from your estimating system. Just click the Choose Estimate button and pick a customer.

Fill in the towing information and the amounts. Based on your settings, the software automatically adds the proper markup to meet your desired gross profit. Once you enter information in a description box, you’ll never have to type it again. Tow Bill Helper saves everything and auto fills the boxes in the future.

Click the link below to what it looks like printed.

Tow Bill-Bristol

The basic print out is based on the information you entered in the settings page. You can create a custom header, including  a logo, special fonts, whatever you want.

The descriptions can be set globally from the settings page. You get six lines to customize.

You can also change the description for just a particular tow bill. Just click the button next to the label of the line you want to change. Edit the text and hit the tab key. When you save the tow bill the label from the settings page will return. The changed label is saved with that particular tow bill and change again when you open that invoice.

Check the box to use the custom header and print.

Click the link below to download a fully functional version and try it free for 10 days.

Tow Bill Helper 2010 Setup

If you get an error when you try to start the software, download and install the latest .net framework from Microsoft.

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