Test Driving the New CCC One Estimating System

February 3, 2011 by
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If you haven’t heard yet, Pathways is going bye-bye. The boring estimating system most of us use is being replaced by CCC One. Why not just update Pathways? Control is the keyword here. CCC wants control of every bit of information of every vehicle you work on.  CCC One keeps no estimate or claim information on the user’s computer. Instead, you must have a working Internet connection, and your estimates are stored on CCC’s servers. That information will then be farmed and mined for every nugget of data.

To prove to you just how important the data is that you will be generating for CCC, they could have very easily stored your estimates on your computer and then at night downloaded that information to their servers. But they know you are smarter than that. They know that most repairers won’t want their data being used by CCC to help insurers see what you are doing. They know that many of you would disable CCC’s ability to access your data by closing your Internet connection. The only way CCC could guarantee to their insurance partners that your data would be accessible was to store all your information on CCC’s computers.

That may sound like some crazy conspiracy theorist’s ramblings, but when you give it the slightest thought, there can be no other reason for storing your information on their servers. This scheme slows down estimate writing considerably. Every time you save something, you are saving it online somewhere. This is inherently slow. As soon as the Internet goes down for any reason (and I have had this happen twice already) you can’t get at your estimates or save the one you are working on. Again, their is no other logical reason for saving your information on their servers.

Strangely enough, all the estimating data from Motor is downloaded and stored on your computer, so the actual writing of the estimate is as quick as it was. But the aftermarket database is stored somewhere else, so choosing an aftermarket part takes forever.

Aside from CCC stealing all of your data there are some good and bad features of CCC One. Here’s a run down so you can make your own decision whether to switch to CCC One or start shopping for another estimating system. Forget about keeping Pathways. CCC has made it very clear that Pathways is dead. Either switch to CCC One or hit the road.

CCC One’s new interface is refreshing. Pathways hadn’t changed in so long, any change would be welcome. Entering administrative data is more intuitive–first name first, last name last–and you can now enter more than one contact for each file, and multiple addresses. But CCC’s programmers still insist on using the ambiguous “Evening” as a designation for a phone number instead of the more descriptive “Home.” You can finally include an email address. Welcome to the 21st century CCC! Unfortunately, CCC’s programmers found it too challenging a task to include a button next to the email field that automatically opens the default email client, so you can actually use the email address to email your customer. Maybe they will learn how to do that next semester.

A big improvement, one I have been asking for for years, is automating the VIN decoder. Now when you use an existing customer and vehicle to write an estimate, you don’t have go to the vehicle page and click the “decode VIN” button. It does it automatically. And when entering a new vehicle, as soon as you type the 17th digit, decoding begins. A nice touch.

I am sorry to see that CCC still can’t figure out how to give you any more than the first four letters of the vehicle make. They still insist on using CAPS for everything too. It’s little things like this that reveals the small amount of work that went into rewriting this software. They’ve basically cut and pasted code and used existing modules, given it a new look and passed it off as new software.

My biggest beef with the new software is that it can’t automatically generate RO numbers. You have to manually give each estimate an RO number, which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but here’s where that can be a problem. You write an estimate, give it an RO number, finish the repair and close the estimate. It disappears from your list of open estimates. It will be very easy to use that same number if you are not careful. I’ve done it a couple times already. Makes for a big mess in Quickbooks when you import the invoices. Quickbooks doesn’t allow for duplicate invoice numbers.

I complained about this missing feature immediately, as did many other users. They came out with an update that promised to add a method for auto generated RO numbers. It was listed in the “list of new features” file that came with the update. I guess they figure we are stupid enough to believe they added the feature if they just say they did. It was no where to be found, and when I called CCC to ask why they listed it as a new feature but the feature didn’t exist, I pretty much caused a meltdown. Tech support had to contact development yet no one could answer what happened.

It would be so easy to fix this problem, taking literally just minutes for one of their programmers, why are they stumped?

Stock up on paper if you decide to switch to CCC One. It took years of complaining to get CCC to add a feature to Pathways to allow you to print only the pages you wanted to print. This feature is gone. And to make it worse, no estimate lines print on the first page. Expect to print at least two extra pages per estimate. They still haven’t added an option to print just the supplement without the summary. Like Pathways, you have a choice of printing the supplement with the summary, or just the summary.

It’s little things like this that illustrate the huge disconnect between CCC’s programmers and the end users. All successful software companies have some sort of liaison between the user and the programmers. With specialized software like auto damage estimating, programmers are not going to get a chance to really use the software. They will put it through tests debugging it, but they will never use it in a day to day situation.

If you want to cut down on paper use, download and install some free software called CutePDF. It adds a printer driver to your computer that converts anything you can print into a .pdf file. Then you can open the file in Adobe Reader and print only the pages you want from there. I use it exclusively to print from the paper hog, CCC One.

One feature I like a lot in CCC One is the ability to send feedback to CCC right from the program. Unfortunately, it takes at least a month to get a response from them. And by then I had figured out a work around. Actually, I sent in 19 suggestions and only heard from them on one.  So I am going to take this opportunity to list some suggestions here in hope that someone who cares at CCC will get to read them. Because I have no idea where my feedback went and who read it. So here goes:

  1. First and foremost, add the ability to auto generate a repair order or job number. If your programmers can’t figure out how to do it, give me a call, I’d love to help.
  2. Give me a way to print only the pages I want right from inside CCC One. And print some estimate lines on the first page. Instead of using Crystal Reports try something else for print preview that allows selective printing. Again, ask if you need suggestions.
  3. You’ve installed Motor’s database on the user’s computer, why not store the aftermarket database there to so we don’t have to wait 30 seconds for the window to pop up.
  4. Figure out a way to allow us to export to ems without having to open the estimate.
  5. How about adding the latest ems standard. XML is so much easier to work with than the antique dbase IV.
  6. Get rid of the “Evening” option in the phone list and replace with “Home.”
  7. Figure out how to use the entire model name instead of just the first four letters. I’ll even donate the code to you free of charge.
  8. Stop using all CAPS. It’s so eighties.
  9. Why oh why oh why don’t you allow us to change the tax status once the estimate is locked? We are always getting estimates written in other states, or with software improperly set up, that use the wrong tax status or tax rates. We copy the insurance estimate exactly so we can generate a proper supplement. But we can not resolve tax differences. You’ve done this on purpose because you’ve included a message box that tells the user they can’t change the tax status on a locked estimate. This makes no sense to those of us who actually use your software every day. Again, if your programmers are stumped, ask for help.
  10. Stick a button next to the email field and code it to open the default email client.
  11. VIN, claim number and license plate should be the only text in upper case.
  12. Please change the form letter control to a rich text box with a tool bar to format the text and allow Crystal Reports to print the rich text.
  13. Reconsider your pilfering of OUR data. If the person responsible for this idea were sitting at a table, and someone was holding a gun to his head, that person could not come up with a convincing, logical explanation of why OUR data is on YOUR servers. Gives us back our data. If you want a copy of it that bad, download it at night, but we shouldn’t have to rely on the Internet to access what is OURS.

So should you switch? That depends on how you feel about CCC taking your data. We haven’t decided what to do yet. We got an early start on trying out so we could have some time to evaluate it. Personally, I think that this data scheme is doomed. But if it isn’t–if enough of us continue to allow CCC to control what is OURS, then our problems are much bigger than this.


Today, February 8th, CCC released an update to CCC One that included the ability to automatically generate a job or repair order number. Giving credit where credit is due, THANK YOU CCC for this important upgrade. I eagerly await future improvements.

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38 Comments on Test Driving the New CCC One Estimating System

  1. Kim Reilly on Fri, 4th Feb 2011 5:18 pm
  2. We just got the CCC One installed last week. Headaches!! All of what you said is what happened to us except to add to that some of our “Insurance Companies” are missing. They have been missing since August. I can not get anyone there to figure out how to get them back on their drop down list. Look at all of the junk that is in that drop down list and some of our companies are in there twice. Clean up the junk and fix it PLEASE HELP!
    P.S. I was shown to print what pages I need in the print section. Just click 1-3 or what ever you need next to the word of what document you want to print and under the title “PAGES”.

  3. Jim Albin on Mon, 7th Feb 2011 1:10 pm
  4. I think it is absurd that everytime we get something updated and figured out, CCC finds a way to spend more of my money or time for new products and upgrades and I will need to spend the next 2 weeks trying to figure out how to work this new produce, or spend my time and gas to go to some class somewhere,when in fact we are in a reccesion right now and can not afford any stops in bussiness, if times where good then maybe, NOT now CCC

  5. Arthur B Dahm on Mon, 7th Feb 2011 1:23 pm
  6. Jim Albin
    It may be time to change management software providers.
    Please contact me to learn more about Pxxxxxxx Pxxx.
    Art Dahm
    Axxxxxxxx Dxxxxxxxx Inc.

  7. John Shortell on Mon, 7th Feb 2011 5:10 pm
  8. Hey Art, maybe you should read the article and try to understand the problem next time before trying to hock software that doesn’t address the problem. And if anyone is going to advertise software on this website it will be me. But thanks for the help buddy.

  9. SKIP BOWERS on Wed, 16th Feb 2011 1:27 pm

  11. George on Sat, 26th Feb 2011 4:57 am
  12. I for one will be reinstalling pathways only long enough to figure out what other company I will be going with. CCC will have One less customer and if I have a loud enough voice the rest of the 36 dealerships my boss owns will be done as well.

  13. Dave Cabana on Mon, 28th Feb 2011 11:05 am
  14. CCC One is a big waste of time and money. I have been with CCC since 1993, and every time CCC changed the estimating program it has been an improvement. NOT THIS TIME, It is a slower system because BIG BROTHER is watching everything we do. I am currently looking at other systems, and I suggest other shops do the same, I don’t know about you other shops, but I didn’t give CCC permission to keep My estimates on their servers, and to sell the information they are extracting from my estimates. I am sure they are selling the information, because CCC does not give anything away. Besides the Insurance companies buying our informantion, who else could is buy that information?vendors, IRS?

  15. Ryan on Mon, 28th Feb 2011 8:50 pm
  16. Everyday I hate CCC One more and more. It is slower than a turtle. I have noticed lately that everytime I create a sup and mess with anything that has something to do with a bumper, the program deletes the overhaul time and it has to be added back on.

    For some reason, CCC One has decided that we don’t need to charge materials on some profiles. We found this out about 5 estimates deep, 2 of which were 3 stage paint profiles.

    Not happy with this program. We are looking at Mitchell and others. I don’t have the time to sit around and wait for CCC One to connect to servers in India or where ever the hell they are. They have to be in India because it takes 30 seconds to add overhaul bumper to an estimate. Tech support is a joke as well.

    We are missing 18 months worth of estimates from 2009-2010 and all I get is, “we are working on it” We write 20 estimates per day on the average..do the math.

  17. Donnie Smith on Sat, 16th Apr 2011 6:03 pm
  18. We have used pathways at the school that I am at. However, we have been having problems keeping it updated.

  19. Robb on Wed, 11th May 2011 12:47 pm
  20. I totally agree with all of the upset customers. We are troubled as CCC claims our internet needed to be updated (faster service dsl cable, we need an IT tech to fix all 4 of our computers as they are infected and may need to be replaced etc) had all this done WITHOUT ANY IMPROVEMENTS. Our IT tech said he couldn’t find any problems…. totally related to CCC software problems. This cost me a bundle! Now we received a “download patch” from ccc and when it was downloaded it killed my computer. CCC “says not our problem” one again IT tech to restore and rebuild my computer had to reload drivers causing tons of problems restoring other programs (again not our problem says ccc). Now the other 3 are asking for the “patch”. Not quite ready today to kill my other machines as my time and money is better spent running my business and not playing computer games. It would be nice if CCC admitted these problems and would be honest enough to offer help. Its time to look at other estimating software with hope that they care about their clients.

  21. Shashank Diwan on Thu, 28th Jul 2011 12:20 am
  22. Is there any option to set the EMS Export automatic, so that i do not need to manully export them one by one.

  23. Kim Reilly on Thu, 28th Jul 2011 9:09 am
  24. @Shashank, yes there is a way to set the EMS. Go to Configure (on top right side)
    Machine settings. That will get you where you want to go.

  25. Chuck Snipes on Sat, 30th Jul 2011 7:14 am
  26. Absolutely hate CCC One for many reasons already mentioned but the top three are:

    1) Slow. I have added about an hour per day it seems watching the “working” sign as I fume. I write all estimates myself (avg 12 a day) as well as run the shop so I have no spare seconds.

    2) My data and my customer data now not under my control which has untold issues in this one item. Who is CCC sharing (knowingly or not) all my data with?
    Could CCC please forward us all their business and customer data so I will have it here on my server to do with as I please?

    3) Wonderful customer service skills. I called to vent my frustrations (first time in 13 years) with the new system after the big several hour outage a couple of weeks ago only to be told that most of the issues with the system are on the shop end by not having proper training or proper internet service.
    I have been with CCC since 1998 and had no contract on file due to a flood a few years ago and requested a copy so I may know my contract options. I was told it would take several weeks to get it to me. Two days later via overnight delivery I had a copy of a mutual termination agreement that required me to pay over $3500 and sign a hold harmless agreement concerning any futue issues or damages I may have had going forward.
    I had only requested a copy of my contract. Makes me wonder if there are any legal issues down the road with them having so much data in their possession that we (or our customers) have not given permission for them to have.

    Regardless of whether the system is good or bad the way the transfer from what I had to what I have now was handled poorly at best. I assume if everyone was told upfront what this new “update” really was there would have been a high percentage of customers choosing not to stay with CCC. Smells a little like a federal government transaction to me.

    More troubles that I don’t need from a system that I pay so much money for.

  27. Shashank Diwan on Wed, 3rd Aug 2011 5:39 am
  28. Kim, Thanks for the reply. I checked those settings but it just provide you an option to set the Export directories, i am looking for an option where in i can schedule the Exports.

  29. Nick on Tue, 9th Aug 2011 1:24 pm
  30. One thing I didn’t see in the article or anyone else mention is that when you print more than one copy of an estimate there is no way to collate the pages. When you do try to print more than one copy at once you have to sort the pages because it prints page one multiple times, then page two multiple times, and so forth. I thought I saw an option to check for this during setup, but I called tech support today and they told me there was no option for it. It’s just annoying hitting the print button three times so I don’t have to spend 2 minutes and find a large enough counter space to sort the pages to put them in the correct order. However, Kim said on the first comment how to print only certain pages of the estimate and that has helped out a lot. Thank you Kim for sharing that!

  31. Jim Franko on Tue, 6th Sep 2011 10:39 am
  32. Has anyone come up with an option of who’s estimating service to turn to, I waited to the last minute and now I am scrabbling to find a new provider. I have not downloaded CCC new format , I am still on monthly CD’s and that is the only way I want it.

  33. Piglet on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 6:43 pm
  34. We just had this put in our shop. The work orders no longer print the line notes, and the customers name is not printed on the parts list. They tell you that the management platform has “All the capabilities of the estimating platform” this is TOTAL crap! The work order will no longer tell the tech which dent in that fender to fix, or which scratches on the bumper are loss related. We wanted to go back but they told us it was too late. Oh, if only I had not listened to their LIES!!!

  35. THOMAS MCDONALD on Tue, 15th Nov 2011 2:56 pm

  37. Tony Nello on Thu, 9th Feb 2012 12:07 pm
  38. The insurance industry dictates the software requirements, labor times, etc. to CCC. The shops are then held at gunpoint to the tune of $1000.00 or more each month for garbage software that does nothing to protect our interests. Not only are the shops doing administrative work for insurance companies free of charge, we are paying CCC for the privilege of doing it. Insurance companies pay us nothing for the absurd amount of administrative work they require us to do. Are we stupid? When are we going to wake up?

  39. Pete Gutierrez on Thu, 9th Aug 2012 9:14 pm
  40. We had pathways because we were in the drp program for Allstate we dropped them and we kept pathways and we upgraded because my partner like pathways I didn’t realize when ccc one was offered that we were signing a new contract and it was for 5 years and it would go up 100 bucks after the first year . We got a letter that next month it was going up and so we don’t really need that program we thought we weren’t under contract big mistake they wanted 33,000 dollars to break the contract . We wanted a copy and just like the comment above policy was 10 days to see your own contract ??????? So it seems to me there holding our personal info and not allowing us access what the hell?????? And so they said we could go down to a single user for rhe remainder of 4 years at 280 a month and here’s the kicker reading the new contract it stated it would automatically renew unless a written cancelation was received 90 days before expiration ???????? What kind of shitty business practices is that for a company ….. Shame on them I will quit these losers and never ever conduct business with them again !!!!!!!!!

  41. BodyshopWrkr on Sun, 30th Sep 2012 6:24 am
  42. I have to agree with everyone that CCC ONE is a joke. It is the largest, slowest, most over- complicated, piece of junk that the collision industry has come up with. We walked in on a Monday morning to a new system with ZERO training and waiting customers. The online support is a joke. They are also uneducated individuals that clearly are not body shop savy. What a headache and a VERY large waste of time, and money!

  43. kelly A W F on Thu, 18th Oct 2012 7:53 pm
  44. we have had CCC one for about 1year maybe. It has gotten extremely so slow in the last couple of weeks. So slow that i fall asleep when writing an estimate waiting for the hourglass….. What is wrong?? I have emailed our IT numerous times and no answer. I would like to know if anyone else has this issue. We are a Multi shop organization, our shop has 5 computers on the network. Our company has over 20 shops. Is that why so slow? is it our server, our internet connection, computer?? what is it??

  45. Robb on Fri, 19th Oct 2012 11:29 am
  46. My relationship with my DRP indicates we are the worst shop according to the CCC. after a detailed investigating, we are one of the best shops. This was a result as our shop information wasn’t processed correctly. For the last 2 years our data was skewed from CCC to our insurance partner. CCC said we didn’t set up our account correctly, however we reminded them that THEY CAME IN AND SET IT UP. “ooops sorry”! Now we are stuck with data that says we are ranked so poorly we are at risk of being taken off the insurance company’s program. CCC also recommends we stop doing big wrecks as that isn’t helping our score with our DRP partner. Who is running our business? I cant believe I am married to a company that is my biggest enemy and they cant change the facts to reflect the truth. “oh don’t worry over the next 12 months your scores should show improvement” (so they say). I am so sick of this company’s shenanigans and zero accountability. It may be time for a divorce………..

  47. Monica on Fri, 21st Dec 2012 4:23 am
  48. Does anybody out there know how I can get reports from Mitchell that would show the statistics on my shop? I need to provide some reports on cycle time and etc, but can’t find it on Mitchell. Called them… and the techs I spoke with did not know. I use Mitchell Ultramate… we do not have any complain with the software… until now that we need to provide some reports and can’t find a way to measure how we did for the year! Is there another software that could extract that information from my system and compile it into reports?
    Wow!! I am glad I read this article and all the replies!! I was offered to switch from Mitchell to CCC One Plus and found that the price was way more than Mitchell… so I decided to research online to find out what other shops were experiencing!!!! Thanks to ALL for your honest opinion and letting others know the issues. I need to generate reports on how I am doing with cycle time and etc and have not been able to get it from Mitchell…. I was told that CCC One provides all kinds of detailed reports and that it was a great program… that you can access it from anywhere through the internet, for the information is in the “cloud” server and etc. Wow! Am I glad to have found this site!!! Thanks to all and Happy Holidays!

  49. Brandi on Wed, 13th Feb 2013 7:48 am
  50. Does anybody know how I could combine data from CCC software(still using the monthly cds) to excel or access etc to create an invoice system? I work for Body Shop in Tuscaloosa and My boss does not have quickbooks so Im having to go another route but Im wanting it to b able to pull info from the CCC software??? -Thanks

  51. boris peplinski on Thu, 21st Mar 2013 5:04 pm
  52. thanks folks for the info-i am a sap who had a Mercedes “totaled”, a finding that seems to spring from every accident i have -but that whine i wont serve right now-anyway, i am in a quarrel with my carrier over the value of my most recent “totaled” Mercedes. While i didnt for a second didnt buy their allegation that CCC One was “an independent evaluator”, although I was sure they were independent from me. I did a bit of research about some basic stuff-options neglected, downgrading of items and, apparently, condition of the car, despite the description offered by the shop person and, because I am an attorney (stop it) analytical research and number crunching (or, really, spinning) is something I can do with the best and I had initially in tended to put an insurance adjuster on the spot as to the document I received but, knowing that they really didnt now how the formulas are put together or how the spinning is spun, they would likely be worthless in reconciling this document or-worse- would try to speak w/intelligence and lie and piss me off to no end so i figured I’d just call CCC direct. WOW did you guys save me a F U- fest. Obviously they wouldn’t know either or would try to blow smoke up me booty and make me head play the exorcist spin- including green puke and creative cursing. I know you guys do your part-i only learned from this accident how distant you guys were from the number-not the evaluation, but the number-and how its arrived at. I am concerned about the marketing of my info. As I chose you, my insurance policy was only remotely involved in this distribution of my info although they surely directed me to shops on their list and I would bet that CCC was used by them all-tell me how much of this scenario i am clueless about or seriously mistaken- so if there was a gripe, someone might tell me it is with the shop-but it really isnt and I see that you all are just as pissed and also care about your clients (the ones with wrecked cars-i understand that the relationships caused by all this bed hopping makes meaning the word “client” a bit murky) and this certainly could become a bigger issue should the dispersing of peoples information be real wrong (i dont know about this stuff but these types of things seem to always end in class action lawsuits with numbers i cant comprehend) but there may be real grounds for concern on your behalf to be certain ou are square with where you stand legally. Aint saying this to scare or be a threat-its just that as much as this all bothers me, and obviously bothers you all-aside from just the time lost due to their BS- but the wrongfulness of their actions-in many regards. The degree of subterfuge and conflicts of interest make me want to know more and although I represented insurance companies for 20 years, I still get blown away on how much FACT is based on FANTASY. Fortunately, we have replaced the car and now its just resolving our dispute. And regardless of the hardnosed idiotic things some lemming tells me, i know what all insurance people know-even the stupid ones who will cut off their nose to spite their face- a closed file is a good file- so now that they have pissed away their leverage, we shale crunch numbers until everything is understood and acceptable. Who knows, maybe CCC will be involved with bigger problems than my car value

  53. Dharmendra on Thu, 8th Aug 2013 4:21 am
  54. Which database CCC ONE used and how can i access the database.

  55. Dharmendra on Mon, 12th Aug 2013 3:54 am
  56. How can i set up the custom report in CCC ONE to get the repair data..

  57. angrybodyman on Tue, 8th Jul 2014 5:37 am
  58. Fuck GEICO they are going to be the down fall of the body shop industry. They have to many uneducated estimators in shop all over northern Virginia telling the shops and technicians how to do there job and how much they will get paid. Its being over 6 years since the industry has gotten a raise and its a crime. The industry needs to take back there shops and kick out all the GEICO express accounts. We need a raise and getting a union established would be a step in the right direction.

  59. Robb on Tue, 8th Jul 2014 8:36 am
  60. Blending…. are you kidding? who ever decided that blending a panel is less work? who ever decided that its fair to take a reduction? Now we are being asked to take a greater reduction for blends. This is insane as it much more work to blend a panel vs refinish. Mixing additional blenders, messing up multiple paint guns, paint cups, strainers, test samples, looking at blends with lights, additional spray operations over and over. CCC agrees with the insurance companies idea to reduce. I would love to watch a time study to paint a panel vs blend and see the time and material result.

  61. Bet Calculator Bet Ccc | Bet Calculator on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 6:38 pm
  62. […] Test Driving the New CCC One Estimating System | – CCC One is a big waste of time and money. I have been with CCC since 1993, and every time CCC changed the estimating program it has been an improvement…. […]

  63. Eddkazee on Tue, 12th Jan 2016 5:31 pm
  64. I got a price quote from ccc like 8 months ago I have a small shop had been in business for about three years we couldn’t afford the price difference between times are bad where I live a day or so went by a lady called me she was from ccc comp said for 159 a month for establishing and frame data i though that’s a great deal I’m paying 119 for Web est with no extras and you have to have Internet access for it to work in only had about a month left with web est she sad not a problem so I agreed I got the disc the lady called to set up a time for training in loaded the disc everything was really small so small I had to use a magnifying glass to see it i told her I can’t see it she called tec support he took over my pc and he couldn’t see it and didn’t know what the problem was so she told me to give her a couple of days to work on it she would get back with me aND set up a time for training days went by no call it had received a email from her so I emailed her and told her I was running out of time no call no email i email her again in got one email from her all it said was who is this is emailed her back told her who is was and is was out of time no email no call back received a couple discuss sent them back with a note 7 or 8 months later in get a call one night the lady Finley calls wondering why I’ve not made my payment s I reminded her of the problem she said it never happened that I have been using it all along and we had 2 hour training and I was under contract and if I didn’t pay thay will sue me and ruin my credit .and to think I was looking forward to getting ccc it’s the kind of software that’s affordable for a small shop like mine but all I got was hung out and may get sued it bothers me to have bad feelings over it i thought I was more trouble than I was worth i ended up right back where I was trying to leave

  65. edd kazee on Mon, 25th Apr 2016 3:49 pm
  66. i have posted before on this they failed to get it working for me it was really small i have a 17in monitor i could not see with out a magnifying glass no matter what the zoom was set on no change you can look at my other post for more details in like December a lady called wanting payed and when i told her i couldnt pay for something i could not use she threatening two sue me for not paying details in other post well to make it short i posted here a different lady called me from ccc i explained to her what had went on she was very nice and told me she would take care of the bill .well today i received a letter from leviton law firm says i have 5 days to pay up the last lady i talked with makes it seam like ccc is a better company than this . no one should be expected or forced to pay for something they cannot use i hope ccc is better than this i hope someone calls me again and we can get this cleared up

  67. Rick Parker on Fri, 15th Jul 2016 9:23 pm
  68. Well I’m part of the clan that got cut from CCC’s lessor know software, Comp Est.
    Coming from my take on the whole CCC one thing, it’s trash, plain and simple, garbage. I used to be able to do a 2 page sheet in under 10 minutes, and a one page in about as long as at it took to tie your shoes. We had an easy part look up page, 3 clicks and see the parts list, now we have to start an est. just to look up a guy’s door handle to get him a price. We had thank you letters, invoices, parts lists and work orders in a click, now it’s havoc, all because Big Brother wants to see what we do.
    The more things change, the more I want to open a pizza joint, touche’

  69. Ralphy on Sat, 30th Jul 2016 11:45 am
  70. I’m loving the new CCC ONE ! I’m not sure what all the fuze is about ? The old CompEst felt like it was suppose to be dropped 10 years ago. This new one been one hell of a bitch to learn but I think I got it down decently. I just wish they gave me my Final Bill and Thank You letters. As far as them holding on to the data on their servers, dont bother me one bit. Who gives a shit of my customer data gets ? Either it gets pulled from my system by a virus or spyware or Microsoft , but in some way or shape someone is gonna get it. As far as writing speed I’ve actually been slower at this anywhere from 10 – 20 % but I feel like I got so much more details on my estimates.

    Anyway I’m consider myself lucky for getting a free upgrade and the only thing I’m pissed off at is there no more letters on it.

  71. Bill Baker on Thu, 8th Sep 2016 3:04 pm
  72. This Whole Program SUCKS ! From The Word Go.
    Nothing About It Is User Friendly. The Increase In Price
    Isn’t Going To Make Up For Lost Customers.

  73. Kristy on Wed, 19th Apr 2017 8:44 am
  74. Hello, just my own opinion… We used CCC for a while, then Web-est for almost two years and just switched to Audetex and am very happy. Everyone has their own preference and you obviously won’t know until you do a trial with it, but I am extremely satisfied. Not only did they offer me a huge discount for switching and a 2 month trial. he then told me they’ll beat what I was paying and lock me in at that. Their also so helpful when it comes to anything. You can choose online or DVD version. I am also new at this because have been a licensed hair stylist for 15+ years, but my husband opened a repair shop and once it was busier he told me he couldn’t sit in the office all day because the work wouldn’t get done in a timely manner, so I said I’d take over but am new with everything so he would have to bare with me:) But anyways, Web-Est was extremely hard for me because you pretty much need to do all the work to get a proper estimate so without the knowledge already or being in this field it was very stressful. Once we switched to Audetex, the gentleman asked what day was good for the training and did it remotely with me for as long as I needed. He also gave me a direct phone number to contact the training side of it and could answer any questions at any time, and can even choose what area I was having trouble in and do more training just focusing on that seeing the entire thing was a lot to take in. and then on top of it, the estimating program almost does everything for you! Its in 3D to look identical to what’s on the vehicle so can spin the parts you chose any way you choose and even sideways to see the order in which the parts go if you have never been in the field. Also once you click what you want to do at the top(R&I, Repair, Replace etc)you then click a part, and it highlights it in blue and has a pop-up window that says repair or whichever you chose and you just click a box for what you want and add the hours in to repair but it calculates everything else without having to worry about not adding everything correctly. I did take a small course so do know how they calculate for refinishing and the deductions, but can see that if I add a part and click refinish as well, it gives you everything down to the penny and explains it all where its very understandable. Then when you add to repair/refinish an adjacent panel it does the deductions etc. and even if you add quite a few parts, lets say it has a whole side swipe.. when your done, it’ll have a pop-up saying, with what you chose for parts and to repair on this vehicle, you will most likely need to do a two or four wheel alignment and gives you what options there are and you can click one to add it so you don’t forget any little thing. Obviously this became extremely helpful to me with being brand new at all this, but most of all I’m not losing any $$ for the shop now like I was before. I’m very very happy so figured I’d let everyone know on my experience with Estimating programs!:)

  75. Christie on Wed, 12th Dec 2018 2:57 pm
  76. How can I get the newest Estimate for Total Loss that CCC One uses? They have lost their mind on a estimate to a collectors car! I don’t think I am getting the complete information that is avaiable. Can someone e-mail me a copy of the newest check list. Or even better, fax it to me at 864-916-4165. I would be so grateful! Thanks-

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