Here’s What You Can Expect From CCC One

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As I explained in the last post, there can be no logical reason for CCC to host YOUR data on THEIR servers. It will serve only to aggravate the user. Unreliable Internet connections and unreliable servers at CCC’s data farm ensure that CCC One users will see this screen quite often. Click the image for a full size view.

I dealt with this for two hours today. For two hours I couldn’t write an estimate, enter parts, print estimates for appraisers or print a work order for car that arrived at the shop for repairs.

Our Internet connection was working fine. It was obviously CCC’s servers that were down. I called CCC tech support and waited on hold for close to a half hour. They were “receiving heavy call volume.” No sh*t! Suddenly CCC One connects and is working again, so, tired of waiting on hold I hang up–relieved. Less than a minute later no connection again. I finally give up and go out in the shop to get in the way of the techs.

CCC One sucks beyond belief. Can’t wait for the contract to expire.

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27 Comments on Here’s What You Can Expect From CCC One

  1. Ed on Sat, 19th Feb 2011 6:29 am
  2. I use ADP and they switched over to Audatex which has some of the same issues your talking about. If you have to call tech support plan on not doing nothing for about a half hour as you will be on hold for a minimum of thirty to fourty minutes. I dont know what other systems are out there but CCC & ADP both SUCK!!!

  3. George on Sat, 26th Feb 2011 4:37 am
  4. CCCONE is the worst estimating system I have ever seen or used! It is clearly geared to computer geeks or data entry people, who think it’s fun spending 30 minutes to do a 3 minute job. If you think you need a management system I am happy for you. CCC forgets it is people like me that started with there EZEST program and then was forced to go to pathways and now forced to go with CCCONE that keeps them in business. GIVE ME AN ESTIMATING SYSTEM THAT WILL WRITE A F&&&KING ESTIMATE…when you are experiancing a large number of calls in your tech support it is because your product SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Interested IT professional on Thu, 3rd Mar 2011 4:40 pm
  6. CCC has definitely sold their customers down the river. This is what happens when successful companies become morally corrupt. Most reputable SAAS providers will give customers an SLA with credits in the event an outage impacts the availability of the system. Sounds like the users need to band together and bring another class action against them, they seem pretty familiar with defending them selves in class actions.

  7. Rick on Wed, 30th Mar 2011 10:12 am
  8. We depend on CCC however I agree totally with the other comments. The worst part its crazy expensive and we spend countless hours trying to recall old information (costs us for the new software and a lot of administration time wasted). The old system was better but i got suckered into the CCC one upgrade BIG MISTAKE STUPID ME!!!!!!!! sounds like a breech of contract for everyone because they implied improvement BULL…… They wont offer anymore help to fix any of these problems now I am on my own. They gave me the excuses: 1. oh your computers are all sick (I paid an IT tec. to come out and clean up my machines however they claim there was no problem). 2. oh your DSL is too slow upgrade to cable (we did no help). Oh your router is bad (replaced no help). Why not explain in plain English “ooops we goofed this up and we are trying to fix it “. blame everyone else yea thats the way!!!

  9. Jay on Mon, 11th Apr 2011 12:00 pm
  10. We’ve been using CCCOne for over a year now. I was actually the first one to write and save an estimate with the system. I don’t mind it and it’s not much different at all once you get used to it. Same thing with a different layout. The only thing I don’t like is that all this information is stored on their server. I don’t miss the monthly discs either though.
    I have had a few instances where the servers or something was down but it’s been sparingly. It would be better were it to never happen but most people are okay with you emailing them an estimate or stopping back by.
    Just my two cents. There are worse things to have to deal with.

  11. Donnie on Fri, 15th Apr 2011 8:08 am
  12. Well guys, we’ve been on CCC One for about 6 weeks now. Needless to say I’m very disappointed. One of the biggest factors is they should have had us trained
    before they changed the whole procedure we do business. Out of no where I recieved an e-mail saying this is the new Pathways go to this address and download the new CCC One.
    No prior alert, or training!
    The second issue is all of our information is going straight to CCC, I can only imagine what they are doing with that. Guess who is behind all of this…..?
    And we will once again be the victims of the all mighty powerful companies we so dearly cater too every second of every day. Thats my two cents worth

  13. Kim Reilly on Mon, 18th Apr 2011 11:17 am
  14. I too started with the original CCC EZEST (still have the certificate hanging on the wall). I originally loved it! It was basic, user friendly and much easier than doing by hand! The Pathways program was not loved as much, but still user friendly because it was still familiar in the format (It didn’t do all of the things I heard it should do). Luckly I am computer savy, but still wish they stayed with the basic format. I have had more errors in the estimating system, especially in parts and part numbers being wrong (happens many times during the ordering process). Most of the incorrect numbers are way off. I think that this CCC ONE will be a good program once they get all of the bugs out of it, but the cost is too much for all of aggravation we are experiencing. They should have experimented with a few shops before going on line with this product. The biggest aggravation was that the Pathways program quit working properly and they weren’t going to support it any more. They should have continued Pathways until all of the bugs were worked out, it would have made the transition easier. They should concentrate on the estimating part of the program and less on the computer part of the program.

  15. Mary Franklin on Fri, 20th May 2011 1:05 pm
  16. I used CCC/Pathways in 2004 and it was a great program with a lot of options to add details like clips and hardware with some great drawings. I loved all the preloaded add-ons.
    Fast-forward to 2010. I have a new client who needed an estimating program. He looked at Mitchell and they wanted 225. He looked at CCCONE and they wanted 210. Okay, saved a few bucks and he went with CCC.


    The DVD arrived with a few pages of instruction – a leaflet, mind you, not even a book or manuel, and after 6…SIX…hours of trying to follow the pages, nobody in the shop could make a complete estimate in less than 30 minutes-including me.
    18 years in the industry and I can’t whip up an estimate in 15 minutes? Not good.
    But, we decided we would stick to it and learn the program even if we had to call in someone from CCC and pay extra. So I called CCC just before New Year’s Eve and got a man who is no longer with the company.
    He came out to the shop and proceeded to RUSH through the training. Every time someone asked, “What does this button do, what is this for, or …how do we do this…because we really need to do get the program to do this one particular thing…” he would say “you don’t need to know that right now.”
    Then, to our amazement and disbelief, he said we really “just need to focus on the basics here” because he only had an hour to help us as we were the last client of the day for him and the last stop for the year and he wanted to get on with his holiday time off.
    He rushed through the rest of the instruction and left. I’m a very computer savvy person and when he left I was enraged. I still didn’t know how to make the program do what my client needed and he had cars WAITING out on the floor to be approved for repair.
    We were screwed. The thing is, we didn’t know how hard yet.

    Just after the New Year, I called CCC and let them know my client would not be using the program. That we would be returning it as we had gotten a Mitchell system (up and running overnight, courtesy of Tim & his boss @ Mitchell/Stockton CA). I was referred to Sr. Regional Business Manager, Raymond Chew, and left a voicemail with him, asking for a call back at his immediate convenience.
    Beginning of February, I received an invoice for December thru Feb… AN INVOICE!… so I called back and was directed to his voicemail again but refused, asking for a different Supervisor.
    I managed to get through to Robin Sagle and told him the whole story from the beginning with 4-part harmony…. he finally agreed that we needed to be cut from the cord. He asked that I type out the entire story and email it to him and he’d send it to HIS boss, John Buckner, and they’d “see that the issue is taken care of.”
    I heard nothing after that.
    Fast forward again to April. A call comes from CCC Collections Department from a nasty woman who just wants to get $1027.70 and call it a day.
    After explaining the whole thing to her, with 4-part harmony and all the bells and whistles, she has the NERVE to say to me… “You signed a contract.”

    You know what?

    Kiss my ass. How about that?

    I told her she didn’t have the full story and that we were already in touch with Sagle who had told me he was going to fix all of this.

    Last week, I get a call from a collections company looking for over $1100.00 from my client. I disputed the claim.

    It looks like I am going to have to recommend to my client that we pursue this matter in small claims court.

    Such a shame, they are ruining his credit without regard or concern for any business principles or fair trade practice whatsoever. It seems that the left does not talk to the right in that company but as a private Collision Facility Consultant, I can’t just stand here and watch the problem evolve further as my client is defrauded and scammed. I have a responsibility to my client.


  17. Ramya on Mon, 18th Jul 2011 5:19 am
  18. Out of curiosity are any of you using CCC one’s management system? I am doing a research project on shop management systems and am unable to find out what the CCC system is priced at. Appreciate any help you can offer!

  19. george hill on Thu, 29th Sep 2011 8:25 am
  20. gopt off phone with cccone rep . I am very frusterated right know . After 2 days my system is still a mess the wiped out all my old estimates is cccpathways so there is no way to go back and look at my old records or estimates that were in process . They never told me that this would happen . I have at least 15 files that I need to work with and haven’t been able to find them . There new system also dumped a direct assingment from state farm that we have not found yet . better name for cccone would be ccconeupyourass

  21. fred burgess on Sun, 6th Nov 2011 8:12 am
  22. If you think CCC sucks from this side, try owning a total loss vehicle valued by CCC. Their “process” is clearly designed to develop fraudulently low valuations to enrich insurers and build their supposedly superior appraisal services. Doesn’t surprise me that their software doesn’t work well either. CCC only cares about what’s good for their own pockets.

  23. Robert on Mon, 14th Nov 2011 9:08 am
  24. I agree with the above comment that CCC One evalutions on total loss vehicles are built to favor insurers. I am not in the protest group against Wall Street but I think the group should go protest at CCC and insurers like Travelers in Pittsburg who use them to undervalue total loss vehicles.

  25. becca on Wed, 16th Nov 2011 9:57 am
  26. is there any way to show the files by their RO # we just got ccc one and no one has came to show us how to work it so were having to take it slow little by little.. but if the ro# showed like our last system it would be very helpful. Does any one know?

  27. Kim Reilly on Thu, 17th Nov 2011 4:15 pm
  28. @Becca, yes there is. Top right tab, click on CONFIGURE
    Click on PROFILES
    Click onto each file to fill out your preferences. You will find it down on the bottom. Good luck. It took a while for me to figure everything out. Must need to use CCCOne phone number many times!

  29. michael on Wed, 28th Dec 2011 1:10 pm
  30. i was looking into switching over but after reading these posts, i will be going to mitchell

  31. Pete Gutierrez on Thu, 9th Aug 2012 10:04 pm
  32. You will be happy with Mitchell it’s not perfect but it’s better and at least when you print a estimate out you have the part number in the line with description and price ! I hate ccc no freaking part number next to description or price . Talk about making a secretary crazy trying to check parts prices with receipts !!!!!! Dumb a$$ ccc !!!!!!

  33. Deanna Lamarre on Thu, 19th Jun 2014 7:52 pm
  34. I have recently had a total loss vehicle, a 2001 Isuzu Vehicross, Ironman edition. This vehicle is rare and very hard to find. Only 86 were made in 2001. CCC not only has insulted me by comparing my vehicle to a plane Jane Vehicross’, but are very arrogant when I have tried to communicate with them and plead my case. I sent several comparisons to them and yet they continue to say that my vehicle which was in almost perfect condition is worth half of what it is really worth. Talk about adding insult to injury. I would much rather have my vehicle back than money but apparently no one cares. I don’t know who to take to court, CCC, or my insurance company who refuses to override CCC’s decisions. CCC needs to hire people who actually know what they are doing and perhaps know just a little about vehicles OR know how to research one. IDIOTS!!!!!!!

  35. Terra Ferreira on Thu, 30th Oct 2014 11:47 am
  36. I just got done assisting a client with communicating their issue with CCC exporting to QuickBooks. She was told that if she made the estimate into an RO# that it would export it as an invoice. Payments were exported, but no invoices, which means they aren’t showing any income on the books from those payments. In CCC, the vendor list duplicated every vendor and in QuickBooks several customers were duplicated with payments and invoice numbers, but no invoices. I had selected tech support in the menu options, but the guy said he only had basic training in the program. I had never seen CCC before, and the solution I was given was they someone would have to go in and manually delete all the duplicates and then have to reset and redo the export process after manually changing all the account names to remove the “1′ it automatically added. All the reasons he said that it would happen didn’t apply to the situation and he was going to have someone call them back because no one was available to answer his questions (that were our questions). My client is pretty furious at them because they also said that they’d be able to utilize classes in QuickBooks, but it turned out it’d only export to 1 class in QuickBooks (which is completely pointless) so now, they have to go and classify the invoices manually so they can generate the types of reports they want. Anyone had any success with classes in QuickBooks with CCC that is not just manually doing it invoice by invoice? I have an option to reclassify multiple items on the accountant version, but they don’t want to have to pay someone to do something that CCC told them their product would do automatically. Don’t blame them at all about it. They should pay to have it fixed, since they set it up and directed her on how to do all this stuff in the program. And it’s near impossible to research this program.

  37. Jerome Miller on Sun, 2nd Nov 2014 8:09 am
  38. CCC one is crap. I can write a Autadex estimate in half the time and somehow their IT dept. Sucks worse than Audatex(never saw that coming) Of all the IT complaints on this page I can’t believe no one has noticed they were being ripped off! CCC sold out to the same Ins. Co. That pushed it. They need to be sued but not because of their piss poor IT. But because we were required to use them with their piss poor IT and constantly changing times. The b.s. is that they can change you times anytime they want and you never know. The only time I caught this was a customer waited 6mo to have their car fixed and they actually kept their est. When I went in to print a new one for the guys it was $125 less than it had been. At least when they made changes on disc they told you what and why. The other reason they are screwing us is more blatant(time for a little name dropping) Allstate requires the bumper prompt “painted in same procedure) the only loop hole to this is flex. If this function did as it should it would deduct a minor overlap .2 instead it deducts HALF of the clear coat! There is no explanation and no excuse. Ccc says to leave a message for motors and Motors never answers I have waited more than a year to hear I was right on that. To top that off Nationwide requires you select this function regardless or they won’t pay the claim if you are a Drp. The only way out of it with most is with flex. If flex is on the estimate they have to delete the bumper reselect it and pick “no” so that the times are correct. Reason being you have to leave the booth to flex your clear for the bumper . Next I caught on a Safeco but I’m sure all of them. When you use a used part it doesn’t give you full paint time. When a OEM hood was selected it gave another 1.5 for underside but the used hood did not only not prompt for the cut in but it was greyed out so you couldn’t select the additional time you were owe you just expected to do it for free. By my math that means we are getting ripped off $135 every time you got stuck with a used hood. Kinda makes you wonder why we are the ones paying for the program. The ins companies are paying as well they just aren’t getting billed. I have seen bedside times dwindle down to 8.5! For replacement and Mechanical times are a joke. So not only will you not get paid a fair mechanical rate but the times are ridiculously different than All data. On top of all of that there isn’t enough page to describe my disgust on basecoat modification. That is out right ripping you off. I have seen a pie chart from 2006 (I believe) and per CCC 80% of basecoat time preparation but these ins companies want to cut it in half. I called CCC out on this and I was told that no such chart or stat existed and they could not provide me with any reasonable percentage. In other words you are being ripped off and the company that should have your back to confront the ins co. Doesn’t. We have been cheated and it is disgusting . many expletives to follow now I need a drink because I’m even more PO’d than I was when I started this rant!

  39. Mark on Mon, 8th Aug 2016 10:00 am
  40. I’ve used CCC ONE for quite some time now and its the best program out there. Every shop around me has CCC ONE and we all love the program. It is by far better than Mitchell and Audatex.

  41. RJ on Wed, 7th Sep 2016 10:43 am
  42. i got CCC at my shop i have no complaints I tried some of these other programs they were complete junk, I came back to CCC its a good system, the folks are nice have had it for abt 9 or 10 yrs, i got a few insurance companys wurkin with me now

  43. Greg on Thu, 13th Oct 2016 8:24 am
  44. CCC one The management system is not user friendly everything you do on the management side is a three step process. The parts system is hard to understand need to go to several screens to figure out want is going on. It does not work when importing estimates for the Mitchell system. Every time you call there support line they tell you it our system or user problems I have upgrade all of my computers and server to over double what they require. My internet speed is 5 times what is required and system is still slow. You also get very little training with the system, If you want more, it will cost you. To use the complete system you need two more employees to just keep system up to date. The electronic parts order system with keystone is a great idea but beware when part numbers change or a part is back ordered it adds line to your parts system and receives parts on line that are not on your estimate. I believe CCC is only making our job harder, and works mostly with the Insurance side to track everything we do easier. Once I signed up with them you never see anybody again. Shops are paying customer also!!! we need to band together and demand more from this company.

  45. Greg on Thu, 13th Oct 2016 8:51 am
  46. Came this morning CCC One system down called them it is problem Server. Its has been over three hours now, still nothing. My techs can not even punch in have to go to my old hand punch time card system and then spend hours input time card in CCC system once it comes up. Shops need to get together and demand they give us a credit to our bill for our loss in production. Every time there are problems with this system in cost the shops money. When its a problem with our system we pay to have it repaired. I have called them several times on problems and they point to our system I pay my IT person to look the problem and the tell me its CCC problem, we a small shop and do not have a full time IT tech. so we pay every time we call them. Shops need to start demanding that CCC give us a credit on our bill when its there problem.

  47. Todd on Thu, 13th Oct 2016 1:25 pm
  48. I was a bit upset at first with da ccc outtage this morning but they got it all back up and runing fast and it just happend this 1 time this year, with the mitchell system there was an outtage almost every month i had to call so i’m not mad at ccc and the folks were helpful n nice, we can be cry babies lol, stuff happens at our shops all the time and we want our customers to understand us too, just my lil opinion

  49. Todd on Thu, 13th Oct 2016 1:44 pm
  50. just got a message from ccc rep they thankd me for my paitence and made sure things was working fine they good folks. I told them issues come up from time to time, i’m just happy the ccc program works fine 360 1/2 days a yr, we good

  51. Eddie on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 8:23 am
  52. Was waiting a few months before I posted something. Just opened my shop last year and got CCC ONE. Had it for bout 4 months now. The trainer was a few days late getting to me but other than that it’s been a smooth ride. The trainer is a nice fella, he came out to my shop twice to help me and he’s been calling every week to see how I’m coming along. Its a good program, easy to use, I did a trial with 2 other program that sucked. Folks were telling me to get CCC. Glad I did.

  53. FormerCCC on Tue, 27th Mar 2018 1:44 pm
  54. To those that complain about the IT department at CCC, there is one very to-the-point reason that they are bad. I worked there a while back and I was to be trained on a slightly different version of the software. This training was to last a couple of days. It lasted ONE HOUR and then the phones got busy and we were pulled out to answer the calls. The NEXT DAY I was thrown into the queue for the software that I had received ONE HOUR of training on. In addition, they frequently lay off people and replace with people that have NO BUSINESS being in technical support. Also, if you want to get better at your job and move up in tech support, you are all but told that you can’t unless you move to California. In California, people under 21 were hired to be Level 3 support. Skipping right over Level 1/2 (i;e Chicago area reps). When I asked how it is possible that some kid with a year or two of college (maybe) were able to do high level support, the actual answer I got from management? “The schools out there are better. LOL So God Bless sticking with that company.

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