Has Anyone Seen My Body Shop?

September 6, 2005 by
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A quick search of Switchboard.com, an online telephone directory, listed about 350 collision repair shops in the greater New Orleans area. Those shops will be shut down for months; many will never reopen. At the same time, thousands of automobiles will be deemed total losses due to the flooding. On top of that, thousands of vehicles have been damaged by flying debris and falling trees caused by the hurricane winds. Many people will never return to New Orleans, so when collision repair shops do reopen, they will find themselves short on work. Cars that aren?t declared total losses will probably be repaired in shops outside of the New Orleans area. Body shops in those areas will be busier than normal.

It will be very interesting to see how all of this is handled. And though there are many more important things going on, the collision repair industry should closely watch what happens to their fellow shop owners in Louisiana. Will the busy shops in the surrounding towns charge a higher labor rate in response to the increased demand for their services? Oil companies are taking advantage of supply and demand. Will the collision repair industry? Or will the insurance companies cry poverty because of all their sudden losses, and talk shops into working for a lower rate than they were getting before the storm? Will the New Orleans shop owners return to their businesses and then beg the insurance companies to send them work, like the refugees who begged the government to send them food, water and shelter? Or will they be independent survivors and take care of themselves and others who need help?

Watch closely because their will be much to learn.

The bitch named Katrina has already taught us much. What we have learned leaves many of us feeling uneasy, scared, disgusted?insert your own negative adjective. I was surprised at the level of degradation the American spirit has achieved in a so-called, ?Great American City.? There was nothing ?great? about New Orleans after Katrina destroyed her. And there should have been.

What the world witnessed was nothing short of humiliating for most Americans. That is, for most Americans not jammed together in cities, dependent on Government for their pathetic existence. Though many thousands acted as heros rescuing people caught in Katrina?s viciousness, the world will only remember the looting and the hopelessness of tens of thousands of , ahem, Americans shown repeatedly on the world?s televisions. Muslim Terrorists have been emboldened by the sight of chaos in a major American city. Katrina has shine a light as bright as the sun on our weaknesses. America?s new culture of dependence has sealed our fate.

America used to have a hierarchy of responsibility. At the top was the self. If you were physically and mentally whole, you were supposed to have the skills, and more importantly, the will to take responsibility for your own survival. The next level was the family. Family took care of the helpless. It was the family?s responsibility to care for their own sick, poor, drunk or incapable. Next came the Church. Hell, we can?t even discuss the Church without being sued by the ACLU morons, so we?ll move on. Community was the next level. Your local community, your friends and neighbors pitched in and helped.

Problems began when local governments got involved in taking responsibility for those who couldn?t or wouldn?t take care of themselves. Town, county, city governments began to take on the task of being responsible for the deadwood. That responsibility evolved to the state level, and finally the federal level. And behold! Thy Government is now thy Father. Government run schools started brainwashing our children. They planted the seed of government dependence into their young and impressionable minds. This infection spread more rapidly in highly populated areas. It has now been genetically imprinted, in every major city in our country. Katrina showed the world the disaster this evolution has caused.

Hurricane Katrina was indeed the greatest natural disaster in America?s recorded history. A worse disaster, though, is the one exposed by Katrina: The man made disaster that has transformed the United States from an archetype of hope to one of hopelessness. What we witnessed was many thousands of people of sound mind and body go berserk. Suddenly there was no one to tell these people what to do, no one to take care of them. It was like leaving a litter of young puppies alone all day in your house.

There were many old people, young children and mentally incapable people left behind after the evacuation, but they caused no damage or harm. The looting was committed by able bodied and able minded men and women. The murders, the rapes, the absolute lawlessness was allowed to thrive by the citizens of New Orleans. Instead of people protecting themselves they complained and begged, ?Where is the government?? Instead of feeding themselves they cried, ?Where is the government?? Instead finding clean drinking water they whined, ?Where is the government?? Instead of rescuing the thousands of their neighbors stuck in their attics or on their rooftops they screamed ?Where is the government?? Instead of building latrines they crapped all over each other while they chanted, ?Where is the government??

Yes, the city was flooded. The city was pretty much destroyed. But the resources available to these people is mind boggling. There were hundreds, if not thousands of boats blown onto the shore. Groups of strong men could have salvaged hundreds of them and rescued their neighbors or sailed out of the disaster. Had not every business been looted, their was enough food in that city to easily feed those left behind for at least a week. Instead it was wasted and strewn around the streets. Plenty of clean water was available for anyone with any sense or determination to find it. Every toilet holds about 1 gallon of clean water in the tank. Right next to the Superdome there were high rise buildings with miles of water pipes filled with clean water waiting for someone to claim it. Hundreds of makeshift toilets could have been made with cheap lawn chairs and kitchen trash bags. Citizens could have formed security teams to protect themselves. They could have elected leaders. They could have acted like human beings!

Being poor is not an excuse for being uncivilized. The poor rednecks in Mississippi didn?t destroy their towns and cities. And it has nothing to do with race either. Yes, most of these helpless people were black. But blacks in other parts of the hurricane zone took care of themselves. No, this had nothing to do with how much money they had or what color their skin was, it had everything to do with where they lived and how they were raised. It had everything to do with their culture. Their leaders, with the sole motivation of retaining power and wealth for themselves, have created generations of helpless people with the promise that the government would take care of all their needs.

Their guns were taken away because they couldn?t be trusted to protect themselves. Being good in school was looked down on because it made them look too white. Only crackers and Uncle Toms excelled in school. Their leaders created this belief. Self sufficiency is totally unnecessary. All they need to do is keep voting for their leaders and they will be taken care of.

The real tragedy of hurricane Katrina was not caused by the wind or the rain or the broken levees, the real tragedy was caused by generations of politicians who, for the sake of power and votes, made promises to these people that they just couldn?t keep when they counted the most. And friends, this tragedy is not confined to New Orleans. All cities are doomed to this fate should the unthinkable happen. Cities breed dependence. There are few rural communities that couldn?t cope with dignity under the same circumstances. People in rural areas are naturally more independent. They are much better survivalists.

The disaster in New Orleans is only a glimpse of what could be coming. When, not if, but when an Islamic terrorist is successful at destroying an American city with a weapon of mass destruction you will witness New Orleans on a much larger scale. Most people left New Orleans before Katrina hit. New Orleans is a small city, population wise. Imagine New York city or Chicago, or Los Angeles after a major disaster. Forget the terrorists, Los Angeles will have a major earthquake more devastating than anything we?ve seen in a century. Take New Orleans and multiply it by ten.

Blame is flying everywhere and landing at the bottom of the responsibility hierarchy. As much as the Bush haters would love it, George Bush is not to blame for Katrina?s chaos, though he was slow to respond. Louisiana?s Governor is not to blame, though she was slow to respond. New Orleans Mayor is not to blame, though he had no plan for his city to respond to this kind of disaster. The police are not to blame, though many left their posts to find their families. They had no support or communications. The real blame is on the citizens of New Orleans. The real blame goes to the men and women who chose to make their situation worse by refusing to take control of their fate. And that blame can be equally shared with the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Kweisi Mfume and the NAACP for using the issue of race as a ladder to power and influence.

Hundreds of billions of our tax dollars and charitable contributions will be spent rebuilding New Orleans. Personally, I think it is idiotic and a waste of money to do so. This will only happen again as long as the city is below sea level. Texas is now supporting more than 100,000 ?refugees? from the storm. As soon as the water has been drained they should bus those people right back to the Big Easy and put them to work cleaning up their own mess. Now how insensitive is that?

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10 Comments on Has Anyone Seen My Body Shop?

  1. W on Tue, 6th Sep 2005 4:40 pm
  2. BINGO !!

  3. B on Tue, 6th Sep 2005 5:25 pm
  4. Well said.

  5. Kudos for Free Speech on Tue, 6th Sep 2005 6:29 pm
  6. How clever, using the collision repair meme as an insignificant mule to again piggy-back your own fraudulent/discredited Libertarian drool. Loaded with ad hominem attacks, strawman arguments, steeped in racism and bigotry without providing anything of useful substance. This is an excellent example of hack writing, an attempt to prop up and validate a hack philosophy though such a stunted viewpoint equates rather well to the sorts of right-wing vitriol associated with Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Malkin, even Storm Front.

    John, how on earth you were allowed to soil the pages of Bodyshop Business magazine with your feces flinging, an otherwise outstanding publication, I’ll never know.

    Oh, by the way, in the future?

    a) Provide cites for your information, Wikipedia is a good peer reviewed source though I suspect you’d cite material from the felonious Free_Republic in order to support your own frothing misplaced hate
    b) Liberals are everywhere, even in the collision repair profession. We watch, we read, we’re well informed…and we don’t forget

    Now, wasn’t that comment the most unitelligible mixture of words you’ve ever seen? How did you come up with that? Scrabble?

    Cites for what? I got all my information from NPR.

    Hey, don’t blame me. I warned you it wasn’t for the sensitive readers. Let me guess, you depend on the government, don’t you? Free speech is loved by the left until they disagree. What was that about ad hominem attacks?

  7. B on Tue, 6th Sep 2005 8:13 pm
  8. To Kudos…is that the best you can do? Do you really have anything of substance in retort or do you just cut and paste that dribble of a response into any conservative writing you chance upon? I’m always up for an opposing viewpoint to help me see the balance but gees…sounds like somebody hit a nerve….

  9. MIKE on Wed, 7th Sep 2005 6:14 am
  10. BRAVO….BRAVO….

  11. RR on Wed, 7th Sep 2005 7:49 am
  12. Instead of spewing this garbage next time let me drop you in the hot zone with a cat 5 bearing down on you and see how you react.
    If you can’t walk a mile in another man’s shoes don’t bitch and gripe about it. Some things are better left unsaid.

    Only those who can not, or will not confront the truth prefer to leave some things unsaid.

    Drop me in that hot zone. I will be the one shooting the looters.

  13. Wayne on Wed, 7th Sep 2005 9:07 am
  14. I agree with Kudos to a point, I think the people need to take personal resopnsability for them selves. Withall the people in the staduim groups could have gathered fod and water from buildings, supermarlets, ect and brought back for the weak and impaired. School buses could have been used to transport people out before the storm hit. What I have a problem with is that New Orlens had years to set-up a proper evacuation system. They failed to do so. This should have been done by the powers to be, Mayor, Gov, ect. Not the federal goverment.

    In fact, New Orleans did have a plan. That had a manual to follow. It included using public transportation and school busses to ship out those who couldn’t make it out on their own. The plan wasn’t followed. There was no leadership from the Governor or the Mayor. All this nastiness could have been avoided had the evacuation plan been followed.

  15. Rob Johnson on Thu, 8th Sep 2005 11:19 am
  16. Kudos to Kudos!

    I thought a Libertarian was just a republican that smoked pot?

    You said: they should of found water…..well, they did, they looted for it, its called survival.

    We as taxpayers paid over 80 billion for homeland security…they over see FEMA who owes the citizens clean up, just like an insurance company owes policy holders!

  17. John is the man on Mon, 17th Oct 2005 12:22 pm
  18. I am surely on the same page as you are John. If you ever get to Arizona please look me up. Real Americans need to stand together and tell the liberals just how silly and lame brained they are.

  19. Harvey on Tue, 2nd Jan 2007 2:35 pm
  20. Is this a body shop forum or watered-down white supremicists central?

    This site is obviously frequented by truly mentally-disturbed, alienated, opinionated, wrong info. spewing old men, and in that vein, is sadly misrepresented.

    Regarding the vitriol above, judge not lest ye be judged!

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